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Is there a way to make the "PAUSE" graphic smaller


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You no, that big frigg'n thing that don't let ya see

anything when the game is paused.

Or has this already been done?


Great site this!!!!!.....I'm a newbie/oldbie


Got Reb when it first came out, spent about 2 months learning

the mechanics of the game, really loved it.


Think that burnt me out, and I never touched it again, till a little

while ago when I was going to give it away to a friend.


Then I though...HELL!!!! I ain't even "REALLY" played this game yet.


So now I've just started getting into it after reading a few Strategy

guides on how to actually go about playing this game.


I have totally different perspective on tha game now after reading

those. Didn't really know what was going on back then, even after

reading tha manual many times.

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Guest Scathane

Welcome to the site, dude!


I wouldn't exactly know how to make the pause button smaller, but why would you want it?

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So I can read messages and look at info on the Screen etc while the

game is paused, that pause thing blocks out half the screen.


The enemy is thinking while the game is running remember :lol:


I am talking about when playing the computer.


Anyhow I have found the File.





I get an Error if I just remove the file.

If I make it smaller or replace it with another bitmap

it still covers the same area with a plane color.


Paint shop Pro 6 says Bitmaps don't support transparency.

Although I did try to make it transparent, it would show up as

the same area as before but just be white.


Looks like I'm just stuck with it eh!

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No, First time.


I've stuffed around with graphics files a bit though.

Use to do Flight Sim stuff, not any more though.


"DON'T" like to edit "AT ALL" now.


It takes up "TOOOOOOO" Much game time.


There are just TOOOOOO many good games

and life is short. I only play games now, not edit. :P

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Guest Scathane
Fair enough... In that case you'll be happy to notice that a lot of people do that editing for you: just check the cards and downloads sections... :D
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Oh BTW......Doesn't this worry anyone else?.


For example, your hit with 2 or 3 manufacturing messages

at once.


I need to go to those systems and look at what's

happening there. So here I have a few system windows

open. Now it can take me quite awhile for me to decide

what I should make next.


But because of this Frigg'n Pause thing, I can't have

a relaxed think about what I want to do while examining

the system windows.


If the game is unpaused, than of course, the amount of

time I would spend on making my mind up, would give

the AI heaps of free catch up time.


Surely....having this pause monstrosity annoys others????

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Guest Scathane
I can't say that it does... The very slow speed is slow enough for me to decide on what I want to do...
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