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The Clouds


Do you see SW-looking clouds?  

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  1. 1. Do you see SW-looking clouds?

    • Of course! Doesn't everyone?
    • Um...no.... Are you okay up there, SOCL?
    • Err...no comment.

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Okay, so during the time my computer was going insane, I couldn't communicate with you guys this, so, here it goes now.


Now, many hours of sitting on the stand, watching people swim in the pool and making sure they don't drown, tends to bore one. Well, during this time I decided to look up the clouds (it had rained the day before, so they were big and puffy) when I probably should have been making sure no one drowned. But no worries, Emily (another lifeguard) was watching the pool. So any how, I started to see things in the clouds. No, it wasn't like The Lion King, but it was pretty cool. The wind was blowing towards me and, whoa, so were the clouds! And there, flying over me, was a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser!


Okay, okay, so it wasn't really a Mon Cal, but it looked like it! A hell of a lot like it! So here's the point to this thread. We are SW freaks/geeks, there is no denying it, so I'm sure you have looked up at the clouds and seen such things. So, let's post what we have seen!


Here's mine:

    -Mon Calamari Star Cruisers
    -Imperator-class Star Destroyers
    -Victory-class Star Destroyers
    -Executor-class Super Star Destroyers
    -Skipray Blastboats
    -the Jedi fighter used by Kenobi in AOTC
    -the Millenium Falcon
    -the Death Star
    -Cloud City


What about you guys?




Oh, also, don't forget to vote in the poll!

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Guest Admiral_Antilles
Well that was uh....Interesting post. I must say I have never really looked enough to see much of anything. But I am sure I could finsd some if I did. :D
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...emmm... are you sure you're the 'clean living guy' you've led us to believe you are, SOCL :?:
What do you mean by "clean living"? :wink:



So, one person said "yes". Another two didn't wish to comment, which probably means they have but don't want to admit it. And another two think there's something seriously wrong with me. :?



An absurdly idotioc thread, SOCL! I must say though I have seen all class of Mon Cal cruisers in the clouds....
Wait a sec; what?! You say this is idiotic, though you have seen the SW clouds? :? I see how it is, just because I feel like expressing my cloud-loving side you have to go off and make fun of it. :(
















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Guest Admiral_Antilles
Though I have no problem with your "Cloud-Loving" side i do think it is a weird topic......
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Everyone thinks you're a spammer...


AS for my previous posts, SOCL, its a weird and rather absurd topic, but I did use to see things in the clouds... Living in a place where it rains all year around I can't really call myself a "cloudlover"....

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Living in a place where it rains all year around I can't really call myself a "cloudlover"....
Quite true. My parents, well...just about my entire family, for that matter, feels the same way you do. :lol:


I just recalled that I actually did vote in this poll and that one vote for yes was me... :x Urgh, I feel both stupid and alone.... :x

Heh heh, well at least Holly agrees with me! :D

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This thread is so wierd, I don't look at clouds to much, but I did see a tuan-tuan once being chased by a star destroyer being chased by a death star. :lol::lol::lol:
The force is strong in my family. No, Luke, I am your father.
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Guest Scathane

I must say I noticed that I don't really take the time to look at the clouds anymore... :( We've had some pretty clouded weather over here in the low lands but I didn't realize I hadn't looked at them until I saw this topic again... this can mean only three things:


    1. I'm too busy
    2. I've lost my imagination
    3. I don't get out much

Hmmm... :?

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But which one! The Death Star we've come to dread and fear?


Or the happy guy?


Speaking of clouds, my cat had just discovered the joys of flying and was thoroughly enjoying himself when he encountered 'the flight path...'


Anyway, all I see in a cloud is rain, and a damp day....

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  • 3 weeks later...

The thing is SOCL: You are right


I also see MonCals, ISDs, DNs and so on......

but has this probably a relation to the Cannabis I smoked before? ....:roll::?::roll:

"I am growing stronger with the Force"
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