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Acctually named that mind you.


During a game a long time ago playing as the Rebels in the beginning I had a great revelation about a Correlian Corvet I had patrolling/exploring the various sectors in the outer rim for expansion. I had captured a couple Imperial characters and decided that I didn't want to take a chance on the Empire finding them again, I think they were important chars critical to the beginning of the game, I.E Piett, Bevel Lemelsk ( I don't think it was those two because I ussually don't find Bevel untill around day 800 when I end the build up and go on offensive against the Empire). I decided that If they were in hyper space they couldn't escape, so I built a Bonthan spy unit at a training center and transferred the personnel to the Corvet. I tried and tested my theory and not once during the game did any captured character escape.


Granted the only time the Corvet stopped was when I was waiting for more prisoners to arrive.


The second Prison is ussually my capital, or an outer Rim world as the Empire the capital is my most guarded planet anyway and any rebels in the sector are crushed immediatly. I captured The Princess while she was trying to convert the faithful in Yaga Minor and sent her to The Capital were she stayed untill the end of the game. As the Rebellion I ussually use a Transport to establish a colony on a wold somewhere's so as to store them, and transport them via generic personel.


Any one else practice these methods.

Don't argue with an idiot, you'll just be brought to his level and be beaten by experience.
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yea i do, i usually ahve a "prison" planet on the rim, with plenty of defences and troops, and fighters and general and commande of course

i usually am not too worried, as i usually have control of the game pretty early

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