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i finally got a model of the mc 90 into Rebellion

unfortunately it works like the Allegiance, it stuffs up in RebEd, but i dont care as it doesnt effect gameplay

my problem now is trying to get textures on it and working in game

Mask, any help would be good right now, im almost there

if i get this 1 working with textures, i will be ready to make ALOT more models work in Rebellion!!!


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Oh and also since i have NO prior experience at any type of modelling b4 this, i have left the polycount at 4277, but this works fine on my pc, so ive left it alone.

id say this is the his poly model ill probably do though

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ok i have textures in game, but they are not the correct colour

i think it may have to do with the palette problem

Mask, wherever you are, can u tell me how u got round this problem, and betteryet, upload ur mc 80b main texture, so i can have a look at it. In bmp is fine.

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dont worry bout showing ur tezxtures mask, i got em myself

now if some 1 could just make a mon calamari style texture with purple tint, THAT fits in the tactical colour palette, i would be finished

O YEA and it works fine in RebEd now

I think the problem with the Allegiance SSD is that perhaps not all the colours in its texture are part of the tactical colour palette.



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Sorry for delaying this a day, but just as I wanted to answer you yesterday the admin 'urged' us to leave the pc-pool at the university :?


So if I get you right you got the mc80b texture, but you have problems with the color palette ? Ok, try this: use the template file I inluded in the new fighters tutorial, it already has the correct palette. Just copy your picture into that and it should be converted to that palette as well. Then the usual conversion with vakundok's bmp converter and you should be done.

Of course, don't forget to give each of the three models its own texture, cause after the tactical battle the game would crash otherwise.

If you need any other things, mail me. I should see that faster :wink:




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