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ROR, Death Star and Total Realism


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Hi Stellar, i'm a big fan of ROR and i'm also a big fan of SW - Total realism, wich is like a 1.04 patch or even a mini expansion to me. Do you think it could be a good idea to use some Total Realism features ? It would be so awesome ! Or even using TR like if it was vanilla EaW, meaning that you would mod Total Realism rather than EaW  ;D ( you can beat me if i'm an idiot, but it sounds good to me, and it would be easier to add TR features )


About the Death Star - do you think it would be a good idea to have all the ground troops in a space battle garrisoned in the Death Star, if present, rather than waiting in their defenseless space transport ? Much like the Imperial heroes before the 1.03. I think the Death Star is big enough to carry troopers and AT-AT ... And it would be more logical, i guess.


( About that, do the DS count as a capital ship when you want to use TIE Bombers in a ground battle ? And do you have an unlimited supply of TIE Fighters when doing the Death Star space battle ? I didnt build it since ages )

Malcom Kriegan, Imperial SpecForces Lieutenant.


And sorry for my bad english :s

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Actually the Death Star will be disabled in the first ROR release.  You don't even want to know how expensive it will be when I enable it.  ;D


While Total Realism has some good features there are a lot of problems.  The Capital ships are often times to big (They say they sued the same scaling calculations for all the units, unfortunately if you do that Capital ships end up being twice as big as they should be).  I do have to ask which features of TR you really like.


I'm too far along to just switch to modding Total Realism.  I think they also use the wrong size for a number of different units (Tartan class, Broadside class).  Also ROR completely changes the tech tree.

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