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Re: In need of advice....


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I'm getting a new computer FINALLY!!!!!!!!!


But I am unexperianced at this sort of thing. I don't want to spend to much but I also want to play games on high graphics and everything and not need to upgrade for a while. And I don't know any computer jargon either.


for example:

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 640 with HT Technology

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

512MB Dual Channel DDR2 PC-4200 SDRAM 533MHz

80GB 7,200 RPM SATA w/8MB Cache

NVIDIA GeForce™ 7600 GT 256MB DDR3

Integrated High Performance 7.1 Audio


that makes no sense to me. I assume that all of that is good but I don't know how good.


Any advice would be appreciated

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Well I know a bit about computers and stuff.  I built my current one, but I'm assuming you're going to be buying a ready made one.  All in all  it isn't hard to learn how to make your own pc.  There are several sites that help you learn how.  From there it is all a matter of researching for the best and cheapest combination of parts.


Pros of making your own PC:

- You can totally customize it.  No restrictions except those placed by the hardware you want to get.

- You probably will save a bit more money than if you went to a retail site and bought a gaming machine.

- The satisfaction of your hard work paying off when you turn it on and are blown away by the high end graphics.



- No warranty if you screw up (actually isn't that much of an issue).

- You have to actually put it together

- You have to make sure the components you want are compatable


All in all though I'd say it's worth it to build your own from scratch.  Here are some links to tell you about building your own pc.






As for other random info I'd say get a pc from ABS Computers and I'm sure others will tell you other reputable online retailers.  Also keep in mind that AMD processors are generally better than Intel for gaming purposes.  Don't be fooled by the GHz of a processor.  An Athlon 3200+ @2.0GHz runs the same as a P4 3.2GHz.  Also 1 gig of ram should be enough, but maybe you should get 2 gigs if you don't want to have to upgrade in a few years (I am currently running 2 gigs).


Oh yeah and make sure if you build your own you get an operating system.  Also could you post what you're getting when you've decided?  We can help you if you decide to build your own.


Finally I'll say enjoy the new PC!  :)

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I agree with the above post especially the AMD being better for gaming and that if you dont want to upgrade later 2gb of ram would really halp


If u plan to use this for gaming and have any type of surround sound system maybe you should consider a decent sound card.. the intel intergreated is fine while it may say 7.1 it may not support open al or EAX 1-5... EAW uses eax 1-4 and also intergrated would decrease frame rate.. abit.. but not that noticable..

maybe even gettin an old sound card with EAX 4 woulnt cost more than 40 bucks.. ( i got one for an old computer for that price) this may just be a luxury tho

But hopefully with the release of windows vista and DX 10 not much will change.. although.. i might be wrong.. and it may not be worth waiting.. or upgradin right off the bat.. just something to think about


Hehe IA 2 venator :P

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  • 5 months later...

whoah this like a way old topic, I did get a new computer.


It's pretty sweet. I got a nVidia geforce 7600, 2 gigs of RAM, a super fast processer and all this neat stuff.  ;D

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