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i have a few questions.....

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i wanna know what xml file land skirmish stuff is in. i cant figure out where anything is to make things cost less and build faster. also i wanted to know how to speed up the upgrade time (in skirmish, ion cannon, hyper valosity(sp?) gun etc...). AND i was wondering if its possible to change the recharge time for special tricks or whatever. if any of you could help me out id appreciate it a lot! thanks!   ;D
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ha. that makes sense...


oh and i found the upgrade thing. so thanks for your help!


EDIT: i just went there and thats not what im looking for. i meant the units and vehicles and stuff. ive seen how to do it in some xml's but it only works for galactic conquest.

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Woops, my bad! I think if you check the normal xml's (i.e. groundvehicles.xml) and change the Multiplayer Skirmish Values then it should work...




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thanks but i just found that out. lol. buuuuuut i have a new question....


i was just playing a skirmish space battle as the rebels. and i got the ion cannon, and used it. the second time i pressed the tab on the production tab, it went over to where it normally is in GC and had the timer thing like it was reloading. and i didnt even fire it. anyone know why?

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i think its in special_structures.xml.


cheers I havent bothered to look in there I thought they would be things like ingenious(sp?P) buildings in there etc.


Also I found A Shutter Shield Generator which I found within the demo Strange that it cant be built...

The rebelion will bring peace to the galaxy!



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