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Problem with SPMA-T max firing range

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I tried to make SPMAT max attack range (distance) greater, but it doesn't seem to work. Whether you add at the (or something like this) in Groundvehicles.xml +200 or +1.000.000, the SPMAT will keep getting in the original distance to fire.


This is not the case with MPTL, where everything works fine. Any ideas?

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The Land FOW range indicates the cyrcle area (range) around the unit that erases Fog of War.


Strangely, SPMAT projectile is mostly controlled by the in the Projectiles.xml . Changing this value makes gravity force to projectile less and so, it lets it fly further. Ofcourse, needs to be changed along with it too (that's what i did).

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Any one wanna tell me how they got infantry ranges fixed.. didnt want to make a new topic


we are on the topic of ranges anyways i can never seem to get it to work


Hehe IA 2 venator :P

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Well in my own messings with the infiltrator I gave it an extended LOS and range via the GROUNDINFANTRY.XML file in these two lines:





I never seen any kind of range in the Projectiles.xml file. All I did with that file was up the damage, and editings in these lines works fine.

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In order for the infantry to work you'll have to add the Targeting Behavior to the squad versions of the infantry.


Look for the tags.

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