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You VS the rest of the Galaxy Version: Beta 0.1


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ok ok here is a bit info about my little mod:

Here is small part to get you excited you should read the rest in the readme.

When the empire made it strikes it did not calculate all the pirates that where swarming the galaxy. A Leader was able to get the pirates to work under one flag as far that is possible and they made an assault of themeselves aswell.

Now the pirates are nor your enemy nor your ally but they will fight you if you enter a system occupied by them.

The pirate inteligence system is so much better then either the rebellion or the empire: they where able to steal dozens of star destroyers, X-wings and more precious equipment. Then they began the production of their own to support their fleet.

At this point they are becomin way to powerfull and since its clear they wont help to clear the imperials, they have made clear they will defend their systems with all the power they can get.

Here is a short list of the biggest changes:


I am using a new map, be aware that this map will prevent you from playing the campaign until a certain part because it is using that scenario.

(i know its a bit confusing)


Several changes in Planets.xml-Heroes.xml and more.


I am still working on some of the problems but you can enjoy it if you want some feedback would be apreciated

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a quik note i am going to sleep now but i'm going to update the story tommorow any feedback would come in handy remember its only a beta version and its far from complete

some changes would to 'transfer" the map to the first scenario so that you can play the campaign with no problem but i'm running into a little problem my backup apears to be edited so i dont have an original of the 'original' map. sorry about that

in the worst case i have to reinstall (5time in 2 days)

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Are all the files included in the zip file modified in some way? I think it would be better just to include the ones you have modified yourself for your campaign so that they can be used with existing mods. I found that after i've been using the Total Realism mod for so long, i couldn't go back to not using that mod anymore.


Also, i am getting a lot of planets called [Missing]. Are these new planets you've added yourself? You will need to create entries for them in the master text dat file and supply that with the distributed zip file.



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Okay here is an new update about my mod :P

*-*I am using as of now the normal map of galactic conquest.

Q: Why?

A: Because it was originaly someones else's map and i didnt know how to changes certain stuff (like the name fixes)

so i figured lets just use the normal map for now until the official editor comes out.

héhé ok now that is out of my system...

i am working (slowly) on adding rebel planets and giving em some troops

the empire starts at the other side of tha galaxy

one note:

the planets are heavely defended not only by pirates but also with rebel and empire ships to give you some... variation in killing of ships :P

an update file soon

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