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Ship Based Hyper Velosity Gun

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Hey I know people have talked about this before, but I'm actually trying to get it to work, because I have given up trying to mod the piett beam weapon.  Simply because I can only find code for it in a few xml's and what is in those doesn't give me enough to create a second weapon. 


What i eventually plan on doing is replacing the tractor beam with a mini-hypergun.  The problem that I have is that as i've been looking around at all of the places (in .xml files) where the tractor beam and hypergun are i've been seeing a lot of things that i'm not really sure how they function.  For example there are several lines about SFX events.  Specifically when your looking in the specialstructures.xml there is this line:



So in this case i'm wondering if rules for the gun firing from the planet are mixed in with this?  Does anyone know?


So basically what i'm asking is this


1.  Does anyone know and can tell me what all of the different SFX's do and all of that kind of stuff

2.  Can anyone tell me how to create a new ability for ships?  I have a vauge idea of how but I'd rather someone give me some instructions of what i need to do.


If i can get answers to #1 specifically then i think that would really help.  Because the hyper gun is a special weapon so those darn things always have special rules and thus far i cannot figure out what all of them are doing, so if anyone can tell me that would be nice.






Does anyone know how to duplicate the piett energy weapon?  Because there is no entry for it in projectiles.xml and the only place i can see something that looks like rules for the animation of the laserbeam itself is in gameconstants.xml.  And the only other place i can find reference to it is in uniqueunits.xml.  But these 2 alone aren't enough to make a new weapon.  Because i cant seem to get around having to have piett present for it to work.   


Because i want to make a new ship that has a beam cannon on it, and i've been having trouble editing the piett beam, and making a ship based hyper gun.  So has anyone had any luck with doing something with either of these? 

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Piett's Energy beam is dictated in the Game Constants xml and I wouldn't mess with it.  The SFX tags designate the sound that plays when a certain event happens, weapons fire for example.

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Just give Luke's lucky shot the Hyper Velocity projectile and you've got an ability superweapon.

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            SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 0.6f











Capital | Corvette | Frigate | Fighter | Bomber | Transport









Transport | Corvette | Frigate
















Hope this helps.this is wwat i have in my ship capital

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