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Playing with the basic AI.......My version

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Okay so seeing as I've not really seen anything concerning the AI I thought I would post my own quick findings. Now generally the AI XML files are set to a fairly low amount (under 1.0 for both Focus and Aggressiveness), but I've found they do attack slightly better if these two variables are increased. The ones your looking for are located in:




Files to edit are:





I'm assuming these are more used by the ground based skirmish combat system





I'm assuming for these two they are more used for the space skirmish combat system. I've not actually tested these with GC as yet though.






METHOD: I've not overly expanded but the maximum amount I've used is 3.5. This seems to make the AI definately attack with more units. In a skirmish game I recently tried the rebel AI had upgraded its space station to level 4 quite quickly (less than 15 minutes). It also attacked in this time with at least two MC80s and lots of fighters.


Conclusion: My only regret with this method is that you can't force the AI to actually stockpile ships, and make them defend and attack with far larger fleets. Still, to me this is one step closer.

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Not sure, but in playing a GC campaign recently I had my ass handed to me on a plate. I just couldnt' get anywhere and ended up losing hoth and had to retreat to yavin 4. Thats when I had to quit out of the game.
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Well I think there might be some sort of script involved but the AI does send over substantial fleets. Only problem is theres usually only one ISD with the imperial fleet, or pietts ISD. However, you can expect more or less a full range of ships including vadar and a certain bounty hunter  ;D They will also build Venators is they're enabled as I've found.
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