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V1.03 Bugs still present list

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Bug #1

Symptom: During a tactical space battle the game freezes for a couple of seconds, plays for a couple and then repeats this freeze/unfreeze process. TIE Fighter squadrons have been observed to make erroneous movement when this happens such that one or two squadrons will fly across the entire map in a few seconds in a high speed sweeping arc. This can be observed on the minimap, the main screen or by selecting the squadron and switching to cinematic mode.


Solution: Ordering the erroneous TIE Fighter squadrons to attack a specific target resolves the effect, however this cannot be done when the opponent is an AI Empire player.



Bug #2

A series of parsing errors in the XML scripts within \GameData\Data\Config.meg are still present.

The files can be checked by extracting them from the .meg file and opening them in Internet Explorer which parses the files and reports any errors on screen.


The files affected are:














End tag 'Global_Exclusions' does not match the start tag 'Is_Like'. Error processing resource 'file:///C:/Games/SWEmpireAtW...


  Conquer_Opponent, Raid, Conquer_To_Reconnect, Death_Star_Use



(The line should read:

Conquer_Opponent, Raid, Conquer_To_Reconnect, Death_Star_Use

As the start tag is incorrect.)


Bug #3

The files \GameData\Config.meg and \GameData\Patch.meg are duplicates and are not necessary to play the game. Why are these files still present in the installation folder?

Note that the actual Config.meg and Patch.meg used by the game are located within \GameData\Data\.


Bug #4

If you select some ships; some of which are in a nebula, some of which are not. Then if you click on one of the ships within the nebula from the interface at the bottom of the screen the game will select no ships at all instead of the ship type you clicked on.


Bug #5

If a ship with a special ability loses that ability (EG. A Rebel Frigate loses shields.) then it becomes unselectable via the interface at the bottom of the screen if there are any ships of the same type selected. The game instead selects the ships with the special ability still intact and removes the ones without the ability from the selection list. This prevents the player from easily selecting damaged ships and moving them away from battle until the shields are back online.


Bug #6

TIE Maulers are self destructed by the AI in an attempt to destroy Rebel Air Speeders. However, this does no damage whatsoever to the Air Speeders as they are a flying unit.

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