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Design your perfect (hypothetical) Star Wars Strategy Game


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Rebellion is outdated (OK, if it was remade it would be a near-perfect game)

Empire at war is too simple.  (But mods could make it a good game)


So, lets design our own Star Wars Strategy game.


I'll give some questions to start us off.



I think TBS for grand strategy so you don't feel rushed, and RTS tactical battles.


Galactic Civil War or Clone Wars?

Galactic Civil War with modding tools to make any era possible.


Land battles?

Oh yes, but much bigger maps than EAW, same for space battles, bigger is better.


Your thoughts on diplomacy?

The planets should each have a support rating like:

Rebel: 33%

Empire: 50%

Independent: 27%

Support gives you bonuses, and lack of support causes the planet to rebel and join the enemy or become independent.


You get support through making the people afraid of you or by using diplomats and making them happy.


Ooh, how bout espionage?

Two kinds of spies, lurkers and secret agents.

Lurkers you can place on ships, vehicles, planets, in a sector, or anywhere and they report back to you.


Secret agents are like lurkers, but they're more expensive, and they can sabotage, assassinate, etc.



Heroes should be able to do anything: Command your troops for autoresolve battles, pilot ships and vehicles, fight hand to hand, assassinate, everything. They should have a simple rating system for this.


Any other thoughts?

Check out American Conquest. It is by far the most realistic strategy game I have ever played. You send people into Barracks to be trained, instead of Infantry popping out of nowhere, and you can capture building instead of destroying them by sending your men in there. You can also shoot out of buildings, it's amazing.


Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun is the best game I've seen that pits a small, ragtag force (Nod, Rebels), against a large, powerful force (GDI, Empire) in a sci-fi setting.


Also, Rebellion has the right idea on most concepts of Star Wars gameplay, same with EAW for star wars graphics.

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The perfect Star Wars Strategy game... aww have I dreamed about this!  ;D


It would be complex. I don't care if some people dont like it, but that's what I want  :). Okay so it would have a galatic map like Rebellion but with updated graphics, such as EaW. But there would still be star systems you click on to access individual planets.


You can use all the same missions and such as in Rebellion, but you can control land battles and space battles such as EaW. Oh how fun that would be!


Basically they need to remake Rebellion with better interface, graphics, music, and add land battles and space battles. OH man I would so buy that game. That is my dream game.  8)


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Rebellion + HW2: Warlords + SWTA ... /drools.. :)


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EAW but with diplomacy and actual AI rebelling whoever they favour with no programmed in bias.


For example: If you decide to create all military factories on one planet then the would want defences and resources (using current codes). Well also have naval battle on land with boats and submarines Star Wars Style of course. ACTUAL PLATFORMS on water planets. Able to create a "Empire" the way I want it and also having Civ 4 Economy implemented. As many as you can afford.

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Rebellion + HW2: Warlords + SWTA ... /drools.. :)


I don't know...I prefer space movement and junk from EaW rather than Homeworld 2.




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