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ISD colors

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Ok the regular ISD is of course nice. However in the campaign theres the red one. I cant seem to find anything about it in the uniques XML and well theres a lot to sift through in the campaign files. Basically im wondering if i can make my ISD's be a differant color, be it just using the red one thats obviously in game. Or if i can actually just place a color value.


I found this on the Mon Cal, but it doesnt show on the ISD. And im not sure it has anything to do with ship colorzation.





255, 255, 255, 255

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Add this line:


255, 255, 255, 255


The four number are red, green, blue, and transparency (not sure on fourth, but I think it's how opaque the color is). You can use the color selector in Windows, Photoshop, or any other paint program to get values for the colors you want.


Also you can try use the attached prog to sample any color on screen.

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Actually i was hoping i would be able to attach a certain color to a certain ship name. Add some color and variation to the game, not so much be "realistic". So say The Accuser would be red, the Allecto blue, the Relentless yellow, and so forth. Though it seems that i would of course have to duplicate the ISD for every name and then place an icon for each name to build that specific one. Since theres no way to attach the color directly to the name. It wouldnt be hard to make a single ship like the Errant Venture, just duplicate, colorize,  rename, and maybe give it a special feature.


Perhaps i could do "squads" of certain ships. Say all the "a" ships could be blue, then "b"'s could be red. Then give "a" a special feature that "b" doesnt have, but "b" has something else. But that still requires alot of duplication and a bunch of build icons.


I may just say forget it all together and just colorize certain classes. So all ISD's are red, Victories blue, acclamators yellow, and so forth. Its actually just something i was doing for myself so i'll probably take the easy way out.

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