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EAW: Star Wars Realism v3.0 (Space Combat) by MistenTH, modified by keraunos


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Some improvements for this mod, Instal the one you wish (also remember to install previous versions, as only changed files are included):



-all space units cost doubled (except ftr/bomb): ftr/bomb 1 pop; corvette 4 pop; frigate 6 pop; capital 8 pop

-space station modified - pop support doubled, decreased number of rebel spawned units to match Imperial ones, number of corvettes/frigates respawned reduced to 6/4 per unit.



Empire spawned TIEs changed:

ISD: 3 (20 res)

VSD: 2 (12 res)

Acc: 1 (6 res)



squadrons changed to be more realistic

Empire (SW world squadrons multiplied by 4 = feeling of Imperial numerical superiority):

ISD: 3 => 4 (16 TIEs) +1 (4 Interc); +1 pop cap

VSD: 2 => 2 (8 TIEs); +600 shield (=> 2000)

Acc: 1 => 1 (4 TIEs); +500 shield (=> 1200)



Home 1: 1 (4 X-Wings) + 1 (2 A-Wings); +1 pop cap

MC 80: 1 (4 X-Wings) + 1 (2 A-Wings); +1 pop cap

Assault Mk2: 1 (4 X-Wings)

Nebulon: 1 (4 X-Wings)


Original topic:http://pff.swrebellion.com/index.php?topic=2763.0


EDIT: Of course you have to download MistenTH's mod first, then download my mod, unpack and overwrite  MistenTHs files if necessary.

Edited by keraunos
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what is the (censored) mean? and basically you increase pop to make it so theres less units?


Ooops. (censored) was created becouse I used shortcut for Assault - first 3 letters ;). And basicly number of units stays at the same level - space population capacity has also increased, it's 50 for both rebellion and empire (empire got this bonus becouse it now has much weaker fighters).


The real effect is that units like fighters, bombers, space commanders - cost 0.5 population. As they fall victims of enemy corvettes too fast (although much slower - thanks to MistenTH work), they at least can do some damage before they're gone. So this mod give bigger "punch" for the Rebellion, allowing it to finaly forge  space victory without big handicap - earlier it was losing too many X-Wings etc. I know what am I talking about - I destroyed over 50 X-Wings in one battle. Multiply this number by cost and you'll realize why rebellion face money problems.. And now they are much better armed - now you can even take out corvettes with many fighters..still I wouldn't advise it  ;D

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so does number 2 add both reb and empire?


Add what? If you're talking about space pop capacity, then yes, they are equal, 50. If you are talking about fighters spawning, then no, only empire still spawns (rebs = starbases). If something else - be more specific  ;) ;D

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Ok, now I extensively played both sides in GC - they work excellent, you can now (with proper tactics) win with both sides as it should be. Also no overpowered nor underpowered units, all have their strenghts and weaknesses; no 0 population stacks of units. That's what I've been aiming for.
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