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Tactical Stratagies and Concepts of Fleet Combat

Grand Admiral Grus

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The first rule of Rebel combat - Never face a Imperial Class Star Destroyer in 1 on 1 combat or even with fighter escorts, Not even with Mon Calamari Cruiser.


Time and again Rebel Commanders move forward with the idea that Mon Calamari Cruisers and Assualt Frigats with support fighters will win the battle for them, odd how never does when you face a simple enemy as 1 Acclamator, 2 Tartans, and 1 ISD. It will dawn on any commander in a fight that if the Imperial Forces have Boba Fett with them, then the fight is already over. Not even the throw in of Corvettes will help you then.


Most common if you are going to engage in Fleet Combat, you will need Tactics on your side. The Imperial War Machine is driven by numbers and true to form brute strength with only the best Imperial Leaders giving a thought to finess and true tactics. That, said matters little with your standard run of the mill Imperial Commander; Mark of a regular is the standard TIE Fighters - Bombers - Then Capital Ship charge.


Although it is inheriant that many Rebel Commanders stock up and just send in Corvettes over fighters, it should be known that X-Wings and Z-95s make for the best tactical ups over the Imperials. They usually drawn the TIE Fighters away from your Y-Wing Bomers, and play with Imperial Dupes, which don't last long against a A-Wing Squadron.


Your Y-Wing Bombers, tied with a Corvette escort and even a Nebulae Class Frigate are unstoppable. A Single Corvette can guard up to five squadrons of Bombers safely, and the frigate is the ensure the safety against Tartan Cruisers.


To begin with, if you are facing a Imperial Class Star Destroyer, you first and foremost scout out using Z-95's to drawn TIE Fighters and Tartans further away from the ISD. Any other Cruisers, or Frigates will most usually be cannon fodder against a Mon Calamari Cruiser or Assualt Frigate Squadron.


After you have gotten a feel for Imperial defenses, you send in X-Wing Starfighters and A-Wings against any Imperial Bombers moving towards your Capital ships, they will mow down a great deal before they actually reach your Cruiser, and if you are a good commander, you will have a Corvette or two in the rear to ensure it is perfectly protected from Bomber attacks.


Next, sending forth your ISD Attack Unit; which should consist of 5 Y-Wing Bomber Squadrons, 1 Corvette, and 1 Nebulae Frigate, and if you so choose a Gunship. In doing this, it should be from the rear of the ISD [if possiable, but rarely does this happen], or the weakest flank of the Imperial line, meaning the one with the lesser number of Imperial Star Ships consiting of bigger then all of your ships.


Your Y-Wing's first target should be Shield Generators, then engins. While your Frigate and support ship focus on Turbo and Ion Cannons. When the ISD's shields are down, move in with your main battle line and split the Imperial line into two, strike at its ISD for the final blow, before moving onto any smaller vessels such as Acclamators and Victory Cruisers.


-To be Contiued at Later date-

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