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The Geek Clan!

Mikan Cyclone

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HAHA! Yes.  Hello peoples.  I am your dea-oops..wrong cue card.  Anyway, yeah.


This is a clan me and my friend, who sadly doesn't have EAW yet, made.  It started out as a BF2 clan and expanded to EAW out of desperation, because who wants to join a clan with the name geek in it?


Don't let it fool you, the clan is not for geeks only.  We just made it that way because it was founded by two geeks.  Anyone can join though, yeah.  Heres the link: LINNNKKK!!!!


Ignoring the fact that some of the site isn't necessaril;y that good, it works.  Anyway, that's that!







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That's cool!  :D Yearrghhh!

But I'm a part of PFF. That is a great clan btw. If we could get permission to get the Hidden Door back, maybe we could organize something.

Protecting the world from those who have an IQ higher than 30! Huzzah!


Trust me...I'm a professional.


Some other members and I are trying to be superheroes and save the forums. But we can't do it on our own. We need your help! Join us!



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