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A Fanfic i wrote


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Well, after playing EaW and destroying a Rebel space station, and playing the SWG trial, i was inspired to write this story.  There might be a few errors in it, but it should be readable, i hope you guys enjoy it.


Section 1:


Taven Olaci walked down one of the large hallways of the space station, playing with his security badge.  The station had gone to sleep, except for a few people wandering the halls, and of course, the cantina at the center of the station.  Taven yawned, How boring… he thought, looking down the side hallways.  The station had been busy lately, not busy enough for Taven.  An Imperial detachment had landed the night before, much to Tavens disappointment, he disliked Imperial troopers.  Taven turned down a side hall towards the cantina.  It was rumored the Imperial detachment that had landed was searching for a band of Rebels who had raided one of their freighters.  Taven had met the Imperial commander in command of the detachment, what was his name?  Taven wondered. 

As he entered the cantina, the lighting dimmed and the air became hazy.  A soft music played in the background, and different species mingled around the bar.  There…the corner… Taven looked at the two Storm troopers, weapons in hand, watching the rest of the patrons.  They were accompanied by a small, floating droid.  A fugitive tracker...they’re looking for those Rebels.  Taven slowly drifted around the room, keeping an eye on the Storm troopers, and watching their droid scan the room.  He had a bad feeling about this…something was about to happen.

Suddenly a blaster shot rang out, before anyone could react, four armored figures entered through one of the entrances, followed by a squad of 5 storm troopers.  More blaster shots rang out, and the two Storm troopers in the corner went down.  The people in the cantina began to panic and scream, running for the exits.

“Halt!” yelled one of the Storm troopers.  Another one fired into the group of rebels, hitting one directly in the back.

“Watch it!” shouted another Storm trooper as another group of previously un-noticed rebels opened fire on the Storm trooper squad.  All of the Storm troopers went down in a bright flash of blaster-fire.  Taven, who had been stunned by the fast-paced fighting, drew his blaster and took cover behind a table, pausing only to fire at the fleeing rebels.  He had counted 12 of them, he was out-numbered and out-gunned.  He waited behind the table until they had left.  The cantina was left deserted except for him, the 7 dead storm troopers and one dead rebel.  Taven continued to hear blaster fire from the hallways near the cantina.



I hope you liked it, im writing more that i will post soon, feel free to correct me on anything i screwed up on. :)

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Second part.


Section 2:

Taven finally got up and moved over to check the bodies of the storm troopers.  Dead…all of them… he thought.  He turned on his comm-unit to hear the shouting of his fellow Security Officers.  Taven left the cantina, following the path of the Rebels. 


“All units, all units, the Rebels are attempting to reach the Hangar on level 4B; cut them off before they get there!”  Sergeant Bly shouted into the comm.-unit built into his Storm trooper helmet.  He and his squad ran after the Rebels, passing screaming civilians and Space Station Security.  As he rounded the corner he faced all 12 of the Rebels, who were trying to break open a blast-door. 

“Take cover!” one of the Rebels yelled, diving behind some crates.  The rest of the Rebels also took cover.  Sergeant Bly kneeled down behind a barrel; his troops didn’t need the order to ‘take cover’.  He and his troops exchanged fire with the Rebels; unfortunately the Space Station Security had stripped the Imperial troopers of all explosives, so he couldn’t blast the Rebel scum out of their hiding.  Minutes passed as both sides took casualties.  Sergeant Bly stood up and sprayed three of the Rebels, dropping them all.  As he dropped back down one of his troops was hit in the chest by a blaster shot. 


In minutes the Rebels had been reduced to only 3 troopers.  As Sergeant Bly stood up to fire, the Rebels surrendered.  “Drop your weapons and put your hands up!” commanded Bly.  The Rebels did as he asked, quickly being apprehended by Imperial Storm troopers and Storm Commandos.  The Rebels dropped to their knees; Bly took a step towards them.  Bly shot the closest Rebel in the face, “That is for the troopers you scum cost me”, he moved to the next, killing him as well, “That is for wasting my time on this space station”.  Before he could kill the last rebel, another Sergeant grabbed his arm.

“That’s enough Sergeant”, he said “We need one of them for interrogation.”

“Of course…your lucky today” Sergeant Bly said, smiling through his helmet at the rebel.


Again, i hope you enjoy :)

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Final section for tonight


Section 3:


Taven rounded the corner just in time to see an Imperial Storm Commando hauling off a Rebel.  He looked at one of the Sergeants, standing next to 11 dead Rebels, spread about the corridor.  My god… He thought, looking at the blood-covered hallway. He took a step forward but was cut off by a Storm Commando. 

“Nothing to see here citizen” He said.

“What?  Im Security for this station, I have…”

“This is an Imperial matter, back away now before I am forced to restrain you” the Commando ordered.  Taven looked over his shoulder at two other security guards.  He nodded at the commando and backed down the hallway.  He and the other security forces chatted for a bit.  One told Taven that on the holo-tapes, he had seen the Sergeant kill two of the Rebels that had surrendered.  Taven, disturbed by this news, decided to head to the main security office.  He wanted to see these tapes for himself.  He left the corridor where the Imperial troops were conducting their operations.


As Taven entered the Security office, he nearly shouted out loud.  Imperial troops were arresting the people in the office.  Taven couldn’t believe it…what were they doing?! 

“What is going on!?” Taven asked the closest Storm trooper.

“These people are under arrest for aiding Rebels, were taking over control of this station, please return to your room” The Trooper responded.

“You…you can’t!” Taven shouted, drawing his blaster.

“Citizen!  Holster your...”  Taven shot the trooper.

“Run!”  Taven yelled to the people in the office as he sprayed the imperials with blaster fire.  The people tried to run, but the Imperial Storm Commandos in the room were dead-eyes, they quickly dispatched 9 of the 10 people fleeing.  Taven turned as the one person who did get out ran past him, Taven followed him. 


Sergeant Bly walked down the hall-way and into the Space stations’ security office.  Apparently he had missed more Rebel killing.



Feedback is appreciated ;)

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That is very good, conintu it so we can see where this story leads

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


Please can you post a comment on My clone story, in fan fiction. :)






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I'll post a review on it later. Good though.

Protecting the world from those who have an IQ higher than 30! Huzzah!


Trust me...I'm a professional.


Some other members and I are trying to be superheroes and save the forums. But we can't do it on our own. We need your help! Join us!



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I will review it if you review my story

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


Please can you post a comment on My clone story, in fan fiction. :)






(> <) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world Domination

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Im almost done with the next section, just to clear up some things:


The Imperials on the station consist of both regular Storm troopers and Storm commandos, Sergeant Bly is just a regular Storm Trooper Sergeant, but he is in command of the Storm Commandos as well as the regular storm troopers.

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Next section, there is alot of talking, but its neccesary to get the story to go in the direction i want it to.  Next section (which ill have up later) will have alot of action.


Section 4:

“Who did this?!” Sergeant Bly demanded, pointing to the dead Storm Trooper.

“Well sir…” One of the Storm Troopers tried to reply, but was cut off.

“Lock down this station, nothing leaves, and only Imperial Troops come in, arrest all of the station security, and coordinate patrols to sweep the station for any more Rebels.” Bly ordered.

“Yes sir” The Storm Trooper ran off to carry out Bly’s orders.  Bly turned to a group of Storm Troopers and Storm Commandos.

“You’re with me, lets go, load a tracking droid with the image of the Rebel from the security camera.” Said Bly.  He checked to make sure he had a full clip and exited the room, the troopers followed.


Taven followed the person down the hallway, suddenly he turned into an apartment, Taven dived in just as the doors slammed shut.  The room was pitch-black, Taven, blaster in hand, struggled to find the light switch.  Suddenly the lights turned on and flooded the room, Taven spun around to face a blaster barrel.

“Taven?” the man said.

“Captain Dellen?  What’s going on?” Taven asked, immediately recognizing the head of Security.

Dellen lowered his blaster, looking around the room.  “This wasn’t supposed to happen…why did they come here…I told them not to!” Dellen sat down on a nearby chair, and stared at Taven. 

“What is it?  What is going on here?” Taven asked.

“Taven…there is something I have to tell you….you weren’t recruited to work here as a security officer…you were recruited for your dislike of Imperial tyranny.  This station is run by Rebel sympathizers.” Dellen said, lowering his head and letting his blaster slip out of his hand.

“What?  Is that why they were arresting our security force?” Teven inquired.

“Exactly, and those rebels they killed, they were operating out of the off-limits hangars on level 2B, raiding Imperial freighters to get the Rebel Alliance weaponry and information.  I told them not to come back here, they were too sloppy on their last raid, leaving too many clues.”  Dellen stood up.

“Well…what…what do we do now?”  Taven said.

“It depends, will you help us?  Will you fight for the Rebel Alliance?”  Dellen questioned Taven.

“I….I will…they killed my friends in the security station, I can’t let them get away with that”  Taven said, angrily.

“Good, I checked the screens, an Imperial Star Destroyer is heading towards the station, apparently the Imperials have reason to believe the planets in this system may also be harboring Rebels, but I have an Idea”  Dellen said, with a slight smirk.



Hope you enjoyed :) Also, with two characters that will inevitably have to fight each other, i just want to know which character you guys like more.

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Ill admit, this isn't the best section, but im concentrating on the next one, which will have a big part of the story in it, and alot of action.


Section 5:


“Do you know how many Rebels are left?” Sergeant Bly asked the Storm Trooper Corporal next to him. 

“We know of 2 of them, the captain of the security force and one of the security officers.  After checking the data stored in their systems, we have reason to believe there are 3 more hiding around the station.  We also found messages to and from the planet that leads us to believe there is a sizable rebel force down there.”  The Corporal replied.

“Good, the faster we mop up the scum up here, the faster we can get down there.” Said Bly, grinning through his helmet.  Suddenly the tracker droid in front of the Storm Trooper squad began to whistle and beep.

“What is it?” Bly inquired.

“Sir, it’s picking up the signals from one of the Security guard’s transmitter.” A storm commando replied.

“Where?”  Bly asked.  The storm commando pointed at an apartment door.  Bly nodded and gave the hand signal to breach the door.  Two of the commandos placed charges on the door and then took cover behind a crate.  The door exploded open in a small fireball, and the troopers rushed in.  The room was empty, nothing but a transmitter on a table.  Bly picked it up and examined it.


Suddenly a Rebel stood up from behind a couch and fired, hitting a storm trooper in the leg.

“Medic!” Bly yelled, dropping onto one knee and opening fire on the couch.  Two more Rebels popped up from the small kitchen area and fired, both of their shots converged on a Storm Commando, killing him.  The other 3 troopers backed out of the room.  Bly took out a thermal detonator and turned it on.  One….two….three…four, Bly counted.  He then rolled it on the floor and into the kitchen area.  A huge ball of flame and plasma engulfed the two Rebels, the third, behind the couch took cover in a new spot, behind crates and boxes in the corner, making him extremely difficult to see, let alone hit.


Bly had to think quickly, he was the only one armed with explosives, and he had just used up his only grenade.  Bly looked over the counter he was now behind.  He saw a crate next to a table, and a chair.  Without waiting a second, Bly sprinted and jumped onto the crate, bounded onto the table and jumped, landing on the chair.  Bly then fired down from the chair into the corner, using up the last 25 shots on his clip.  Bly then dropped down onto the floor, dropping his rifle and taking out his side arm.  He approached the corner, his weapon raised.  He looked over the crates to see the Rebel laying down, ripped to pieces by blaster wounds.  Bly fired his side arm twice into the Rebel, just to make sure.




Also, the next section will be posted late saturday or sunday during the day.  It will be pretty big compared to the other sections, and im gonna work hard to make it really good.

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Well after 5 sections i dont really want to rename him :( I was watching Band of Brothers and got the name from that.




EDIT:  Every time i try to work out this story it doesnt work how i want it.  I dont really want to continue it, so ill stop here, if osmeone else wants to finish it, please feel free.  Im going to start writing another fan fiction.

Edited by ImpCommander
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