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Re: Pirate-killing-spree-mod


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I have some great news! i'm almost done with the first version of this mod!

here are the features:

  • If you play as the rebels you start with 30.000 and 5 planets in the lower  lef corner of the galaxy
  • f you play as the imperials you start with 60.000 and 7 planets in the upper right corner of the galaxy
  • both sides have a few bonus planets wich you have to keep because it earns so much
  • all the other planets are protected by neutral forces, a combined force of forces of the rebellion and deserted units from the imperial navy.
    **You WILL have a tough time getting trough the planets**
    Some of the planets are almost not defended while others have a verry big army waiting for any ehm player that wants to take the planet.
    • In total there will be 43 planets.
      i have done until now around 5 planets. I KNOW not much but its going well, and anyone who wants to help is free too contact me btw.
      Features to come:
      I will adjust the size and the strengt of some of the units.
      I will try and give the pirate units more strength
      the income of the planets will be changed too
      if anyone has a request feel free to ask or to post a sugestion
      I will keep you all informed
      i will post some screens tommorow
      i REALY want some feedback about this

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All he had to do was place the normal units but under Pirate control. It's easy to do.


Anyway, I look forward to trying this mod.




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I'm glad to here that bodin and tsychosabbat the problem was... human error :P nothing more i ussualy can handly my stuff but sometimes you need that bit of extra help and since i got that (thx)

i'm on my way


its alot of work so i will be busy with it fore a while i havent had any time today but i will post an update later tonight

if you got intrest to help me with this then feel free to contact me

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