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SMM Mod readme and download


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Dear Boys and Girls i am short of time ..soo just a readme and a downloadlink.



Sentryx Merged Mod 1.0 (single player)


I wish to share this little mod,it aims at Realism and expanded gameplay.No nonsense added.


Use this for galactic conquest only.




-Added for Imperial Player:Tie Fighter

                                    Tie Bomber



                                    Firespray  (tech level 2)

                                    Venator class SD (spawning V-Wings)


-Added for Rebel Player  :V-Wing


                                    Capital Ships spawn Fighters

                                    Nebulon B: 1 x-wing

                                    Assault Frigate: 1 x-wing, 1 a-wing

                                    Mon Calamari Cruiser: 2 x-wing, 1 a-wing


Caution Tie-Fighter and Tie-Bomber are NOT hyperspace capable...add them to a

hyperspace capable fleet if you have to move them.



Global Changes:      -Cost,health and buildtime for all capital ships and spacestations raised. 

                          -Hyperspace speeds adjusted

                          -tried to change the difficultysettings for a more

                            slow-paced game (if you don´t like it simply delete the DIFFICULTYADJUSTMENTS.xml)

                            Exeption:The A.I will be faster than normal on EASY Difficulty.

                          -removed the Broadside and Marauder missile cruisers (changed techlvl to 7)

                          -Some minor changes



Additional Info:



-Made Firespray  Squad counting only one unit because of balance issues.....hope it is useful and  balanced.....the unit-description is that from slave 1....laser and flightsounds integrated. 


-The Firesprays main-roll is as Anti-Fighter Ship.A corellian corvette or missile boat will eat it alive. 






Install:copy the content of the zip file into

        Drive(c,d):\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data 

        (the text and the XML folder)





This is a privat modification of existing content use it at own risk.

Always backup your original gamecontent.


Have fun


Apologies for my poor english




V1.1 -minor bugfixing

    -The Venator finds its place as cheap Low-Tech Fighter Carrier.Added 1 Headhunter Squad.

      Available Fighters at start: 1 V-Wing Squad,1 z-95 Squad

      Reserve:                        3 V-Wing Squads



v1.2 -added population cap to all fighters....playtested for a while now and it feels good.

      I hope it also stops endgame a-wing hordes.

    -raised spacecap (Empire 35,Rebels 35)

    -had to remove some starting units from "Conflict begins map" because of the above changes"

    -lowered venator reserve squads

    -minor bugfixing




Download: http://files.filefront.com/SMM12zip/;4879500;;/fileinfo.html


Thanks,have fun.

Edited by Sentryx
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Someone already made a mod identical to this... BTW... there is no "Firespray Blastboat" Its a Firespray Class Patrol/Attack ship. As far as blastboats go.. there is a Skipray Blastboat.. You may be confused.



Dear Boys and Girls

We are mostly adults thank you.


i am short of time ..soo just a readme and a downloadlink


Thanks for telling us you wont be contributing.


No nonsense added


You mean like using BS names on ships and removing 2 good ships? Interesting!

Edited by z3r0x
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