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underground bases for RTS


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Well I like being a stealth person and use cloaking units. Well I just wanted to know how an RTS game would change if we were able to build bases inside mountains or underground as a faction trait (Germans building underground factories) and/or just something to get rid of the RTS tradition of having base built on land and expand. Act of War reminded me a lot of C&C Generals and thought that that could have been C&C Generals since it was almost the same feel in my opinion since everything took place on land and the basic build an army and destroy with your new toys.


Underground bases/Factories

Well depending on which faction and game you would have an option of a drill drone or a miner who would build a base in the mountain. If your faction has stealth abilities you could also make the other side more annoyed since they can't find the source and also radar can't find you.


If this was a WW2 game then you would have workers for Allies and Workers/POW Slaves for Axis. Maybe have primitive mining machines to also assist you in mining and building underground bases and tunnels. No cheap prebuilt tunnels like in C&C Generals and BFME 2 but like a Sim kind of tunnel building options but you actually lay it down and takes time to be built and not instant.


If this was a modern day game using the pathetic Terrorist attack as a theme then we would use the mole like machines that linked Britan(UK) with France but would be instant since it would be more fast paced. Some of you maybe blank on this but Germany is still using the WW2 tunnels that they built during WW2 times. Think of how much you can annoy your opponent or crush a hard AI if being deadlocked at one spot of the map.


Futuristic scenerio would use of course futuristic ways of making underground bases and tunnels to hide underground bases and factories such as barracks and vehicle production plants.



Well seeing as how almost all RTS are the same I thought this would help making things different and if a game has this in it already then tell me  ;D I checked out most RTS and haven't found this sort of option.

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Evil Genius:



Has a system like than for your secret base, but EG is not a typical RTS

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


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