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Starship Troopers: The First Interstellar War

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This is a Total Conversion mod for Star Wars: Empire at War from Petroglyph Studios. It is a Starship Troopers mod, but it is much differnt then your usual brand of SST. For the first time ever fight on the ground, in the air, or in the silence of space.


Choose your side: The Mobile Infantry, or the Arachnid Army. Each side will feature both ground units, and yes, their own unique fleets. Each side has the old favorites, and of brand new units out there. This mod will take all you know about Starship Troopers and blow it out your nose.


It will also feature both a Single Player Campaign and Multiplayer. With new music to boot. Ready to fight? Also all resources are references are found at www.trooperpx.com. Starship Troopers is a registered trademark of Sony Entertainment.


Please note that this is the OLDEST Mod in the community and is no way based upon the events of ST II.  Panzer would be the first to say that it is a rubbish movie...


Here are some Battle Images from the guys...They look AMAZING!!







Even more can be found at their homepage.


ST:TFIW are currently looking for members of staff.  If you are interested please PM Panzer on this forum or post in this topic on the Nexus Forums





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It is true, we still need help, even with our main forums down, thanks to hackers, we still could use help from mainly skinners and modelers, but if anyone else wants to help just contact me.


I am also going to start to post news updates here.

So stick around. Here are are several of the recent ones to start.

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Here are some of our last few posts, then I'll add more as we go along.


I have some very bad news for fans of the Starship Troopers mod.


Today our forums were hacked and destroyed, taking away most of our data. We lost alot of information, images, and other things that we were working on. I am very sorry to say this but I might have to shut down the mod...


Or I can stand with my team, Team Storm, and say that we will not just die because of a stupid hacker destroys our forums. I say NO!


Let me make this clear, THIS-MOD-WILL-NOT-DIE!


we still are still in need of some help in the form of talented skinners and graphic artists. If anyone can help please contact us.


We will get a new forums, eventually, and the site will still be up, even as messy as it is, I will keep trying to get updates out. But for those who need to see proof: I believe that this is in order. Straight from Vengence here comes CHAS.





February 16, 2006


Heavy Metal Still Can Rock


Allright I am seeing EaW off, and IA2 already has a screenshot. Some might be wondering, what now?

I'll tell you. First off is our mystery render. Which is located at the bottom. Those of you who said a bug starship, were right on the money.


But where do all of these ideas come from? Here lies the secret to all of our great bug models. No its not the modelers, but we can't do anything without them; its HeavyMetal1980, our concept artist. He has been around almost since day 1 and has been drawing tons of stuff for us. He personally created alot of the new units you see today in our mod. He is our unsung hero, and he deserves some of the glory that we all get.



I am glad too say that work on EaW is starting next week. Why not now? well I would love to, but Best Buy screwed up on my order and I got backordered till next week. However, we will very soon, and I can't wait to begin. 1 year of waiting, and only a week more to go, please let EaW come sooner!


Allright now I guess its time to announce the mystery render.


Bug Battle Cruiser



Though it has not been classified, contact was made with one of these ships when the 45th battlegroup was ambushed and engaged by a bug battlegroup with 1 of these ships in it. The ship was thought to be a giant transport, until it let out a broadship and tore apart two destroyers in one salvo. The fleet managed to escape, but Federation Navy Command (FedCom) had a riot over it. Contact with this new ship was the result of the comissioning of the Geneva Class to combat it. The designation of a battlecruiser was only by its size, and firepower.




February 16, 2006


EaW Released


Finally, after waiting for so long, Star Wars: Empire at War is released with great joy to the entire modding community which has sprung up almost a year before the game's release.

This is legendary, as it is probably the very first game designed with the modders in mind. I would like to appluade Petroglyph Studios for this as they should be known as the gods of RTS.


Now EaW is out we decided to celebrate with some fun. First off we have a mystery render for you. It is your job to guess what it is. This mystery render idea was used from the Halogen mod (CnC Generals ZH) and it works well so try guessing.


You can try guessing the render on our forums:







But why stop there? We have more.


As you may know, the site has been updated several times in the last month. I added the area for the screenshot of the week. Which will be a screenshot in EaW that may be anything in EaW. You can send me a cool picture that you want posted, and I will see which one will get up there each week, with the name of the author.


To top that off, I have one more thing to show:


Star Class Transport


The pride and symbol of the Terran Federation. This ship is the main transport for the Mobile Infantry before and during the war. However flaws in the armor and lack of decent weaponry made this ship a deathtrap when unguarded. The worst example was during Operation Bughouse when SICON directly attacked Klendathu in a single attempt to end the war.

But bug plasma devastated the fleets so much that it would take years for SICON to resume big operations. However the design was cheap and simple, allowing the ships to be mass produced with ease.



February 11, 2006


1 Year Aniversary


Its hard for me to believe but, over 1 year ago on February 3rd, 2005, this mod was first started. So much has happened over that 1 year, it is amazing. This mod has gone farther then I could have ever imagined.

Over that one year, Another Drifter and me started out on a task that was laughable. We were going to mod for a game called Eaw that was not set to be out till november. There was no moding communities, no websites, no nexus, just me and Drifter. As we gained momentum, we made many mistakes, one of which includes me demolishing our entire website and setting our progress back by maybe a month. Oh yeah, I could go on, but then that would bore you all to death.


I just want to shout out to Team Storm, my team who are like my second family that thanks for all of your help, now lets bring this mod to the finish line.


Now to start this we have some stuff to show in relation to the EaW demo release. First off, the new flash galleries thanks to photobucket.com. Also we have made a few more changes around the site with small things


The team is also still on the lookout for any modelers or skinners with any skills. We do not ask for the best, so anyone who has any skinning, modeling or other experiance can apply at our staff forums. *note: we are looking for others, so if you are interested in applying for anything, we might accept you.


Next up, we have a new battle image for you, provided by iOSYS.




Also as a treat I am going to introduce a new unit to you.


F-184 Predator




The Mainstay ground support and combat fighter of the Terran Federation Fleets



Thanks for all of your support thus far, and we hope to continue to have your support as we start making the real mod after Eaw is released. - Panzer and the rest of Team Storm

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Starship Troopers makes the news in PC Zone UK magazine, amazing way to make a comeback after we lost so much data with our forums getting hacked. However, as we have done in the past, we are bouncing back.


Starting now I would like to announce that our forums are back online, though not the same ones, they are where we post everything and where to apply to the mod. They ae not perfect, but then again, what is? they are better then no forums at all.




Now onto the news, we were recently posted in PC ZONE UK magazine, I do not know which issue, but still, that is big news.


Bug Hunt


Allright also since its been a while, I am revamping the media page to allow for easy loading, you just have to click on the image link and you'll quickly be able to see the image. Along with that, are more images to see as well we are showing now two things, one we showed on the Nexus, and the other is new, but for those of you watching the SST tv series, its familiar.


Before I show them, you might ask where the old news is? well I decided it was time to archive them, you can easily find them up at the top of the news page. They are old fasioned, so the page takes a while to load, if there are any issues with the pages, please e-mail me at panzer517@rcn.com


Now onto the images I'll get some data on them later


CHAS (bottom left)

Ape Maruader (bottom right)




There is more to these images then meets the eye, the secret will be announced next time I can get around to making a post.




Also we are rebuilding, and we are in dire need of modelers, mappers, skinners, and a PR manager, since I am not able to write fiery speeches like I used to.

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I'm actually working on a SSTrooper model for Half-Life2






It's pretty high poly as the whole face is modeled though...and the indents on the chest plate.

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