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Star Wars Trivia (feel free to add more...)

Guest Scathane

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Guest Scathane

    * General Tagge's name is spelt with an 'i' at the end, instead of an 'e' in ANH's credits?
    * Qui-Gon's communicator in TPM is really a Gilette woman's razor, only customised.
    * While working on AOTC the guy who was in charge of bringing the cast and crew coffee was jokingly called "Java the Hutt".
    * The design of the Milleniun Falcon was based on an olive sitting next to a hamburger.
    * The cloud car design comes from a bra.
    * Denis Lawson, who played Wedge Antilles is Ewan McGregor's uncle in real life.
    * Peter Cushing (Tarkin) and Christopher Lee (Dooku) were close friends offset and maintained a close relationship until Cushing's death in 1994. They often played protagonist/antagonist to each other, Cushing as the hero Van Helsing, and Lee as the infamous Count Dracula. After landing a role in Star Wars (1977), Lee called Cushing and congratulated him on his part, and proceeded to ask him what the heck a Grand Moff was. Cushing had no answer.
    * One of the lines that Nien Nunb (Lando Calrissian's Sullustan copilot in ROTJ) is supposed to really mean: "1000 herds of elephants are standing on my foot" in a Kenyan dialect.
    * The boots that Grand Moff Tarkin wore in ANH hurt Cushing's feet so much that he asked George Lucas if he could wear slippers instead. Lucas said yes, and compensated by shooting Cushing from the waist up almost the entire movie.
    * Two Ewoks speak English as clear as day in ROTJ. During the time they first see C3PO and bow before him, one Ewok says "That man's wise!" and the other responds, "Ya to be sure!".
    * In ESB you can see a pilot fly out of his cockpit after it crashes into an asteroid.
    * The model of the Tantive IV, Leia's ship in the opening scene of ANH, is actually bigger than the Star Destroyer chasing them!
    * There is a rancor in the holographic game that R2D2 and Chewie are playing in ANH.
    * One of the asteroids in the asteroid field in ESB is actually a potato.
    * Lucas graduated with a guy whose last name was Vader. Nobody knows if there was any specific connection or not.
    * When Leia fires a blaster you can hear the sounds of the real gun a couple of times.
    * There are 2 miniature posters inside the cockpits of Leia’s blockade runner. Just out of view of the camera. One is a star wars poster the other is a playboy centerfold.
    * Chewie does the "Tarzan" yell while swinging with the Ewoks onto the AT-TE in ROTJ.
    * One of the asteroids on the Geonosis asteroid field is a shaak (the bloated animals that are in the meadow in Anakin and Padme's picnic).
    * Despite the obvious difference in since between the Executor and Imperator Class Star Destroyers (the executor is 11 times the size), the bridge is exactly the same size.
    * The original design for the Millennium Falcon closely resembled a ship from the TV show Space 1999: very thin, with the cockpit up front, and several landing struts. It was changed as to not be labeled a copy, and that design was modified to make the Blockade Runner.
    * Another version has it that the design was actually original to the Millennium Falcon but that it was stolen by Space 1999 just before ANH, so Star Wars couldn't use the design.
    * The Yahoo! people search phone directory to the USA lists four people named Darth Vader.
    * The "earmuff" hairdo Carrie Fisher wore in ANH took over 100 hairpins/bobby pins to hold together: about 50-75 per side.
    * At the end of TPM you can hear John Lennon say "I buried Qui Gonn..."
    * Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles) got his name misspelled in the credits: Dennis Lawson.
    * A scuba regulator was used to make the sound of Darth Vader’s breathing.
    * The word Jedi is derived from the Japanese words Jidai Geki which is a Japanese TV soap opera program set in the samurai days. Jidai Geki means period drama.
    * George Lucas was afraid of leaks from the actors during ESB. Lucas was so determined that the ending be kept secret that he had actor David Prowse say “Obi Wan Kenobi is your father”, and dubbed it later to be “I am your father”.
    * In AOTC, when Anakin and Padmé arrive on Naboo, you get the barest glimpse of the Millennium Falcon.
    * One of the songs that the Ewoks sing sounds like: Det luktar flingor har, which is Swedish for “It smells of cereal here”.
    * During ROTJ, GL made everyone walk around with caps and t-shirts that said Blue Harvest - Horror beyond your imagination to keep fans from entering the set.
    * Monkeyfeet spelled backwards is “Teefyeknom”, which is supposedly the name of the Star Wars galaxy.
    * During Obi-Wans battle with Darth Vader Obi-Wans saber goes out and you can see the prop.
    * Jedi Master and Jedi Council member Coleman Trebor was named after Robert Coleman. Spell "Robert" backwards and you should figure it out yourself.
    * Jabba was played by 'Himself' in TPM’s credits.
    * In the Special Edition of A New Hope you see Dash Rendar's ship from EU taking off into space.
    * A few scenes of Harrison Ford's had to be edited around because for some reason he had a mental block and would keep yelling, "BANG!" when ever he was shooting his blaster. Although he was told he was doing it, he never thought he was. Luckily, he broke the habit in a matter of a few days.
    * At the end of the ESB when the Luke is watching out the window holding Leia when the Millennium Falcon flies away, the Falcon flies through part of Luke’s arm.
    * Consequently, Ewan McGregor made lightsaber swooshing noises in TPM when fighting Darth Maul, which had to be edited out.
    * The death star is modeled after Mimus, the 7th largest moon to Saturn.
    * The A-wing that crashes into a star destroyer bridge in Return of the Jedi is actually a car.
    * In ESB when the Falcon is being chased by star destroyers, C-3POs arm gets dislodged and you can see Anthony Daniels’ skin underneath.

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I knew all that, but where are the trivia questions ? :lol:


Nah, I didn't know of Cushing's and Lee's friendship, Nien Nunb's line, the english speaking Ewoks, John Lennon singin (is there a song like that ?), Harrison Ford shouting and the A-Wing-car.


Tagge's name is spelled correct in the special ed, IIRC.

And now I also know, why I could watch cloud cars zooming by all day :roll:




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All of those were great Scath, but you forgot to mention the Stormtrooper who hits his head off the door when he enters the control room. Or the scene when Vader is talking to Tarkin, Vader stops talking, but he keeps gesturing to Tarkin. GL took the line out but left Vader waving his arm like an idiot.

Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has, how embarrassing. - Yoda


Do not count a human dead until you've seen his body, and even then you can make a mistake. - Bene Gesserit saying

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Well, I can confirm that a TIE pilot does indeed fall out when his TIE crashes into an asteroid in TESB having slowed the DVD right down to 1/8, covered in fire of course! Dark...

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On the Falcon after Kenobi is killed.


There is also the ET Senators in TPM, and Hamill's kid as a Naboo security officer in TPM and some of the Lucasfilm staff in robes during the celebration...

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...and some of the Lucasfilm staff in robes during the celebration...

Like Rick Mc Callum, looking somehow uncomfortable. Maybe the uniform was scratchy :lol:




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