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MY Side Of The Story I'll let you Guys Decide


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In my game against Roguey I told him small galaxy was lame but i would try it once i did it was not worth it fine 2nd game large galaxy he takes seswanna has half of sluis and farfin my only chance is corellian and before I know it wham he has 3 planets there I told him the victory was his i was surrendering why prolong the suffering when you know its over I had no chance at that point I had no cyards shipyards or training facilities and it was past day 100 granted i started rough and I take nothing away from him he did what he needed to to get me by the throat. What would you do if the general concensus is that i should not surrender i will publicly apologize to him but in the 5 years of playing this game granted mostly on the zone it was always understood if its hopeless then surrender your opponent earned the victory and try again the next game opinions please
Play For Fun.....Play To Win.....But Most Of All Play With Honor
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Having never played a human player, I don't think I ever want to! Not what you two guys at odds about (personally I would have done what you did, and kill the game, I haven't got time to have my but kicked for someone else's enjoyment), but if the game conditions are so crap from the onset. Some Empire with one Star Destroyer! (There were three over Tattooine in ANH right?) Game settings like that at the beginning allowing for swift victories like you guys have been describing sound unrealistic, frustrating, and not that much fun!


I'll pass on multiplayer I think!

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what aloda crap? past 100 days? half of sluis? I had 3 planets, one of which declared nutrality when you took over Sluis.


You had a tonne of characters and managed to get about 3 planets via diplomacy within seconds.


You quit out of the first game before I even had a chance to SAY anything, and you never said you would do that, you did say you'd Try. I don't call "trying" quit out as soon as the enemy gains the upperhand, you didn't even let me respond.


5 years of playing on the zone? for someone who's played 5 years you make a hell of a lot of basic mistakes.


you said the reason that you quit the first game was because you didnt have anywhere to withdraw to, I had 3 planets in four sectors, you had two planets in two of those sectors, and I had the whole of sesswenna and absolutely NOTHING on those planets because you used your Star Destroyer to assault each one and scuttle everything. You STILL had coruscant and all it's facilities.


The first game you didnt even give me a chance to say anything before you quit out.


I didnt make the thread as an immature way of getting back at you. I made it so that people in my position wouldnt have wasted over an hour in games that would end in the opponent quitting out because he's a sore loser. not ONCE did you congratulate me, say good game, say fair play, say ANY of thats sort, ALL you said were sentences that included 'the game is over', and 'I can't win now.'


If people would rather believe you, that's 100% fine. Im not expecting "opinions" like you are, or asking people to reply to turn this into a flame thread or so I can feel better about myself. I just want people like me who would rather NOT waste hours of their time, to know that playing with you could possibley/most likely involve in an hour, a few hours, or many hours of time wasted.

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Both of you need to just end this. You're giving Multiplayer a bad name. Multiplayer Rebellion starts just like a regular game of Rebellion...and sometimes the Empire has just one ISD, and thats that. The practice of quitting a game based on the random assignment of planets and ships is considered bad taste. However, entering a game is not a binding contract that says "I will finish this game"...So what if he leaves? Why does that mean your hours are wasted? Because you didnt get to see the end-game cinematics? If somebody quit on me around day 100 I'd congratulate myself for owning my opponent so much that he is forced to quit. That's just the way it goes. Now lets close both these flame threads and lets move on from here. I'm trying to get a sizable group of people interested in multiplayer so that those that want to play can actually find people to play against. This thread is not exactly furthering that goal.


Master of Rebellion

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I agree with you.


Elvis, I suggest you close the topic instead of deleting it, showing the world what the forums are NOT for :P

Z'anthr saves the world. Sorry about the mess...
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