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One of my many story ideas. I know that some of the background detail with the elves and the war seem thin, but all that will be explained later in the story. All in due time:


Long ago, a wise old sage prophesied on his death bed, about the future of the world of Maron: "Once an Outlander sits on the throne of Tyron, all of Maron will be thrust into a darkness that can only be lifted by another Outlander."

  The people of Maron were driven to stop the prophesy. Soon after he had said the prophesy, the old sage died, and the lord of Maron took it upon themselves to stop the prophesy. One of the most powerful and richest families in all of Maron was the Outlander family. They had long been the lords of the kingdom of Savlia and had built great fortresses in their kingdom. The prophesy led to a great distress among the people of Salvia, which had enough strength to maybe even turn into revolution. The rival kingdoms of Tyron and Isarr prepared for the inevitable war against Savlia. King Horgon of Savlia tried to hold his kingdom together. He declared war on Tyron, hoping that his people would unite against a common enemy. King Laurence of Tyron declared that Horgon was evil and was trying to fulfill the prophesy and rule all Maron. He called for everyone to rise in arms and destroy Savlia and the Outlanders. His words provoked many nobles of Savlia to revolution in order to take power. Without the nobles to help him, King Horgon's army was greatly decreased in numbers. But not all of the nobles revolted, the king still had allies. Lord Hamar and Prince Esphalus were two nobles that kept their oaths to the king, and would keep them to the death. Lord Hamar was the second most powerful noble, but the most powerful one, Lord Parmeí, had abandoned the king. He used to be a knight of Tyron, but had since become a lord of King Horgon, and seemingly left all loyalty to King Laurence behind him. But he was one of the most brilliant tactical minds in all of Maron, and deep down was deeply loyal to Tyron, and would now fulfill his oaths to King Laurence. Prince Horgain, the younger son of Horgon, gathered his supporters, and pledged to fight with King Laurence of Tyron against his father, as long as the throne of Salvia was his after they won. King Laurence agreed, but had plans to get rid of the prince after he had served his purpose. And so began the greatest war in the history of Maron...


The whole known population of Maron was human. Man had ruled the world for thousands of years. But before them, the fair elves were the lords of Maron. The humans were only in their own small villages and towns, but then a huge population boom led to the increasing strength of men over elves. After many years, the humans expanded their territory and created the great kingdom of Tyron. The greedy humans soon declared war on the elves for more territory, and won a stunning battle which left the elvish army decimated and its leaders dead. The few surviving elves were hunted down and destroyed, although some vanished to parts unknown, presumably the Woodlands of Elgas. The elves were presumed wiped off the face of Maron. The world was left to the men. The sons of the Great King Tyron were jealous and mad at each other, each wanting more power than the others. When Tyron died, his sons, Savlia, Tyron II, and Isarr fought each other for control of the throne. But as no one prince could be allowed to have he whole throne of Tyron, the kingdom was split. Savlia took the woodlands and open plains and meadows of the North for his domain. His people soon became great horsemen and hunters. Isarr took the West, the land with many mountains, rivers, and canyons. His foot soldiers and grand fortresses became the envy of his brothers. Tyron II took what was left, the land of the East. That land was home to great caves that were full of riches, but Tyron's land also included the mystic Woodlands of Elgas, where the elves were perceived to be hiding. Only the most bold or foolish men dared to venture there, as few have come out of that forest...

Protecting the world from those who have an IQ higher than 30! Huzzah!


Trust me...I'm a professional.


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