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Galactic War Series Disscuson


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Hi. I've written a few stories in a series that take place 2,000 years after the battle of Yavin. Basiclly, after two major uprisings, the galaxy is split in many factions all gunning for control of the galaxy. It follows a group of Jedi Knights and their master in Knights of the Old Republic fashion exploring all across the galaxy and meeting intresting people. I've started to type them up. I'll post a update every Friday. Please tell me what you think.


By Adthrawn


Galactic War I-The Dark Age. Completion-10%



"We've waited a long time for this." The leaders of the corrupt Republic are destroying the galaxy. As the cloning business began to grow, it has become a household thing for the rice. It all started after a series of wars that lead to the divided state of the galaxy.


The CorSec rebellion happened after a high ranking leader was accused of building a personal army. He, being a former general of CorSec during the earlier war, he gave orders to his son to avenge him. His son called upon all of the people in CorSec to take up arms against the "Evil" Republic. So it began.


Slowly CorSec captured the entire system. Soon they controlled multiple trade routs. They soon extended into the Core. In their conquest, they captured Byss. In Mt. Tantus they found the old cloning tanks left by the Empire. After they rebuilt all of the tanks, they cloned a large army and headed deeper into the Core. They were ready to take the galaxy.


Unfortunately, the large amount of resources that went into the cloning project, made it so they had bad people to fly their vast ship armada. So the Republic caught wind of the secret location and sent a fleet. They clone project had moved off to Corriela. The Republic's fleet smashed through their lines. After Corriela was taken, the war was easy. Only a few stray admirals were around and most pleaded mercy.


Now Corriela is a barren wasteland of the battle that took place. When the researchers were looking over the field, they found a large chamber were they had cloned the army. It was said this was the biggest since the Clone Wars. Inside was a large CPU bank that had all the records of the project.


Now, two scientists are attempting to clone the strongest Force users in history. They searched far and wide in the galaxy to find DNA for the clones. After ten years of searching, they found all the DNA, and had the facility running. The Republic caught wind of the operation on Mustafar and invaded. The scientists managed to escape but they had to start from scratch.


Now on the planet Uttapu, deep in a large sinkhole, they continue their project. The Hutts were endoring the project so money wasn't a problem. They hoped that with a army, the could take over the remains of the New Empire.




Lesmik slowly began to put the various DNA's in the numerous machines. Abkbar was surveying the power tubes. "That's it! All the DNA is in Ackbar!"


"We shouldn't do this. It would only help to worsen the galaxy's state. We sho-"


"Come on Ackbar. Don't go affectionate on me. Ethics aren't good. Besides, if we were ment to fly, we'd have wings. But we fly around all the time!"


Ackbar thought for awhile while Bevel checked the generators. As Bevel switched them on, a low hum filled the dark room. "Ackbar... you just can't hie from the fact that what we did, hve done, is a great scientific breakthrough. We can't stop now. We have to continue."


"Yes, your right." Ackbar began checking all the capsules for cracks. "I suppose. We should get under way. Dorga is impatient.

Bevel finished up and they met at the control panel. "Let's go." They board opened up were two keys had to be inserted. They placed the keys in the separate slots.


"One,' Ackbar smiled. "Two.....three!" They both turned their keys and the machine started. The room was filled with blue lightning crackling from all the capsules. The place was so charged with electricity, Bevel's hair was standing up. Soon fire caught.


"Bevel! Shut it off! This is madness!" Ackbar was worried but Bevel laughed.


"A few more seconds should do it..." Suddenly, the room went pitch black. Power came on and they saw all the capsules were open. They had done it. Some of the strongest Jedi and Sith were in front of them.


Ackbar sat stunned."We did it," he said quietly. " WE DID IT!" Ackbar was running and taking a look at all the clones.


Bevel just watched. "Your right. We did! Ackbar, check the clones for any deformities. I'll contact Dorga." Bevel tried not to show it, but he was just as happy as Ackbar. His dream had come true!


"Bevel. They're all normal! There’s no problems physically."


"Great." Then when he turned back to the view screen, Dorga's fat face was right there. Large and obese like all the Hutts, he was hard to look at. But he invested the most into the project so they had to be nice.


"What news have you? It had better be good." Dorga's voice boomed.


"Oh, we are finished." Bevel was still stunned. "Ackbar tell the news to Dorga while I check their blood." Bevel went off.


"Sure. Why not?" Ackbar was very good with people. "What would you like to know first?"


"How many clones made it through?" Dorga was defiantly impatient.


"We're checking the vital signs now, but it appears that all have survived. 100% success."


"How about the cost? This wasn't cheap. Did any equipment get destroyed or damaged?"


Ackbar looked to Bevel who nodded."Yea. Some of the machines are warped. Fire broke out and burned some of our equipment. We also have our speeder burned. In addition to that, lightning came and short circuted some of our stuff. We'll have to raise the price by, say 5%?"


"And what would be the new cost?"


"I think Dorga that considering how much this...Project cost, it will be quite expensive to rebuild." Dorga leaned forward as if expecting an answer. Ackbar just kept going."I add up the cost of the equipment plus how much of our time we'll have to spend rebuilding...around 105,000,000 credits."


Dorga just sat there. He tried to cover his surprise but it was to late. "I uh...I think that may be a little high, don't you think?" He tried to smile.


"To be honest, we are doing you a favor. The only reason we are working with you instead of the Sith is because we owe you a favor from Malachor V! I think you should pay it, or this whole operation will be left for dead." Ackbar was practicly screaming.


Dorga slumped in his chair. "Very well. Although you need this money, I would rather move your base of operations. I have recently "acquired" Korriban. As I understand it was once to home of the old Sith Empire. I think it would benefit your project. There is also a large number of old temples, theirs plenty of room?"

Ackbar just laughed, "You got your self a deal! I'll see you top side in 3 days." The image winked out and Ackbar headed back into the cloning chamber. Ackbar didn't plan on working with the Hutts any more. He'd take his business where it belongs.


“How did it go? Did we get anew place?” Bevel walked up to Ackbar who studied his co-worker a moment.


“Yes, we also got a bonus. The Hutts have to be the stupidest creatures on this side of the galaxy.” Ackbar was proud, although the Hutts were stupid, they were hard to negotiate with.


“Okay. What planet did we get?” Bevel walked over to the star chart. He pressed a button and a hologram of the galaxy came up.


Ackbar began to move towards the star chart. “I got us Korriban. It’s a out of the way planet in the Rim. It’s the capital of the Sith Empire.”


“Was, the capital.” The image change to show a single red planet. Ackbar stared for a minute.


“Wow, I thought Dorga was just bluffing. How did he manage to take over the capital? The Sith Empire is the strongest government in the war. It says here that five days ago the Hutts captured Korriban. When they arrived they came to a barren, deserted, wasteland.”


Bevel thought for a second. “Where will we live? I don’t think living in the tenple is a good idea.”


“Look here, there is a moon orbiting the planet. Also a large space station. Look, I have to go and get the turbo lift ready. You check on this and I’ll call you when I’m done.” Ackbar headed out of the room. It will be perfect.




On Coruscant, Quibna Palpatine was talking to the senate about the Hutts. “We cannot allow them to continue to gain power. They rival the size of the New Empire and have managed to capture Korriban. Is it not obvious that they have amassed a huge army. We must be the next target!”


Mixed voices filled the room at his point. Overall though, it appeared that nothing would be done. The Chancellor rose and everyone quieted down.


“It appears, Senator Palpatine, that this body doesn’t consider the Hutts a threat. So unless I hear a good reason to ignore the senate, your motion will be dismissed.” The Chancellor was kind and liked Quibna a lot. The only hope I can offer is that the Jedi Council will listen to you. They feel the same way yet are unable to deal with the situation, how they see fit.”


The Chancellor was walking on thin ice. If he showed to much support for the Jedi Council, the senate wouldn’t trust him. It also went vice-versa. He had to appear to have a neutral stance. He really did agree with Quibna. He fought in the CorSec Rebellion on the front lines. He knew what was happening.


Quibna was a whole other story. Quibna was once a great Jedi Master. Eight years before the CorSec Rebellion, Quibna was inspecting the rumors of the Sith appearing on Korriban. When he went he was seduced by the Dark Lady of the Sith and was convinced to join. When the Dark Lady died, Quibna left and returned to the Republic. The Jedi Council allowed him to be a senator.


Being a decedent of Emperor Palpatine, he a natural flow with politics. Quibna had always traveled so he had learned of the Hutt’s plot long before. Only they were now accelerating their plan so he had to speak. The Hutt’s would soon come for the Republic.


“Of course Chancellor.” Quibna’s pod nestled back into place. He then strode through the halls to his personal ship. It was a modified Theta class shuttle used in the days of the early Empire. It lifted off the ground and speed away.


Coruscant hadn’t changed. It did seem however that the world was getting larger. The Jedi Temple was raised every year so it would remain a icon. The Jedi Temple, even though destroyed fifty times, looked the same. The shuttle landed softly of a extended landing platform. Quibna walked out and into the temple.


“Welcome senator.” A young Jedi escorted Quibna to the Council chambers. “How were things in the senate?”


Quibna looked over at the Jedi, “Horrible. They are blind of the threats to the populace. They only care about their lofty apartments in the sky. They haven’t been on the front lines like I was.” The Jedi nodded his approval as the boarded the turbo lift.


“Sir, I agree. I was a General, in the war. Hell, I am now! I was watching today.’Not a threat to this body’.” The Jedi was mad. The galaxy was already in a bad shape. People would at least expect the Republic to be better.


The turbo lift stopped and Quibna walked out. He turned around and faced the Jedi. “Be mindful of your feelings General. The anger in you is strong. Don’t allow it to dictate your actions. It is hard sometimes to see the light when your in the dark.” Before the openmouthed Jedi could say anything, the turbo lift doors closed and he descended.


Quibna walked into the Council chamber. All the members were there, wether in person our by hologram. The leader of the council stood. “Welcome back Senator Palpatine. What brings you before the Council today? Not trouble the senate I hope.”


Quibna bowed and looked around at the Council. “I have felt a disturbance. Not a premonition though. I think that the Hutt’s will attack the Republic.”


Paz Skywalker spoke as he stood up. “That is unavoidable. It is only to be expected. But I see your concern. Just for the record, explain your problem in detail.” Master Quin, the Head of the Council nodded and Quibna prepared himself.


“I know that the Hutt’s will attack the Republic. It is a given. But what many don’t realize is the strength in which the attack will come. If you go through the records of their attacks, you can see multiple attacks happening around the same time. Also with the recent capturing of Korriban, I have no doubt they have a large fleet.” Quibna waited expectantly for the Council to speak.


Master Guan Su rose to speak. “So in short what is the problem. It seems to me you should give a motion to the senate for them to attack?”


Quibna frowned at the floor. “I have already tried. The Senate thinks since there is no direct threat to them that the worlds they represent are also in no danger. Since they will do nothing, I am asking the Council to allow me to go on a undercover mission to find out what they are doing.”


Paz rubbed his chin, “I see no reason why not. I think that we should send Zerch Peck and Noch Catar. They are not masters but it will benefit them to learn from this journey. I also think, and I speak for everyone here, you are now returned to the rank of Jedi Master.”


Quibna stood there for a minute. “I uh,...I-I am honored. I will go and bring peace to the Republic.” Quibna bowed and left the room. He was finally allowed to use the Force again. The two Jedi would meet him on the landing platform. As he walked through the halls, it seemed to him that it would be a long time before he ever saw Coruscant again.


When he reached his ship two Jedi were standing, waiting to leave. Quibna walked up to them. “So, you must be Zerch Peck and Noch Catar. I’m senator Quibna Palpatine. Please, let us board and we can make more formal introductions.” They all hurried on board.


The ship lifted off. It spun around and headed out system. Quibna set in the hyperspace coordinates and they were off. They didn’t talk much on the trip, aside from asking each other to pass the Juma juice, that was it. Noch and Zerch meditated while Quibna looked into the known facts.

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Pretty good story. But it needs more background detail. Tell the setting of the story. Intoduce the characters, even those that we already know. I will try to post a specific analysis of it later, probably tomorrow.

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