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Shimrra thoeries..


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I found this in njoe.com the New Jedi Order encyclopedia, I found it particularly interesting, because I had similar theories about Shimrra.


NJOE Editorial - #2 - A Look at Supreme Overlord Shimrra

by forum user KeiranHalcyon


Shimraa is the big mystery of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. While the fanaticism displayed by the entire population is shocking to the rest of the Galaxy, deep conditioning is nothing new. If you forcibly condition an entire population for decades or centuries, you'll achieve what the Vong have achieved with their religious beliefs. Shimraa, however, is the ultimate expression of what the Vong are NOT. He clearly does not believe in the Yuuzhan Vong gods though his actions speak contrary to appease the population.


Shimrra's Shamed pet, Onimi, is part of the greater mystery. He does not act as someone of his station might or should. Ideally we should see him acting as a favored pet or self-important jester type character (which we occasionally do, I admit). What we get, is the complete opposite. In fact, he acts as Shimrra's equal when they are alone together. He clearly possesses several of Shimrra's traits, and is informed of Shimrra's master plan. I've begun to wonder if Onimi is either the power behind the throne, or simply a manipulator. If you think about it, it would be improper for the supreme ruler of the Yuuzhan Vong to have a cohort or close advisor, so perhaps they disguise this role by creating Onimi's position? Why else would Onimi be allowed to accompany Shimrra to private places and on his various missions, if not to consult, suggest, or order?


As I stated, Shimrra does not believe in the Yuuzhan Vong gods. He is much like Nom Anor, in that he declares his actions for the gods, but in reality, is only working for the glory of himself, or occasionally for the glory of the Yuuzhan Vong if it does not conflict with his personal goal. Shimrra's secret project to create the 8th Cortex is blasphemy of the highest degree possible, much like Tsavong Lah's work with Nen Yim regarding his arm graft. He clearly consorts with shapers and priests who have realized the folly of the false god belief. Shimrra obviously works toward the bettering of the Yuuzhan Vong, it's simply his motives and means that bring mystery.


Shimrra possesses several abilities which are strikingly similar to Jedi traits. At various times he is able to sense the life-presence of others around him much like Saba learns to control in FC:Remnant. He is frequently able to sense truth and lies from his subordinates, and until the events in FC:Refugee you could argue that it was just good leadership ability. However, his instant detection and removal of the shamed ones who attempt to infiltrate his court begins to make me question whether he has truth-sensing similar to Jedi.


Finally, and most importantly with my reflection back to Rogue Planet, is his skill with the rare Jedi ability known as Alter Mind. Let me refresh everyone briefly incase they're not familiar. To an extent, all Jedi can use this ability, as most people associate it with the hand gesture and force of will in which a Jedi tricks a weak minded person into believing something other than the truth. The caveat, if you will, is that prowess in the skill is rare indeed. In Rogue Planet, Sekot, the living world-mind of Zonoma Sekot possessed this ability to an extreme degree. He was able to powerfully influence both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker at the same time, a feat which Obi-Wan said was unthinkable to accomplish. Few Jedi are able to influence other people, most especially Jedi to this degree. To my recollection, the greatest event to date was Corran Horn's first experience with alter mind at the Jedi Academy when he made the entire academy believe that he had lifted a boulder into the air. Even at that point, Luke saw through the illusion a few moments later by relying on his connection with the Force. In Rogue Planet, Sekot's ability was so powerful that Obi-Wan and Anakin did not notice the influence, even though the period of exposure was much longer than with Corran. His ability, therefore, is much stronger.


Now that I've explained the skill to those who might not be very familiar with it, the reference to Shimrra is easier to understand. Though the book name escapes me, there is a scene in which Shimrra takes a group of courtisans and warriors and drives them into a bloody rage simply by willing it. Tsavong Lah, I believe, stood by and watched this occur. He remarked, as have others, that he could FEEL Shimrra's presence within the room, and that a lesser mind would not even notice this emanation of power and influence as it altered the perceptions of those minds for the blood rage. He constantly seems to bend people to his will on actions that he chooses to undertake. To this point, I had believed it to be simply his position and influence, though it's becoming clear that a number of incidents have come under the Alter Mind ability.


When I first started to note his abilities I began to wonder exactly what would become of the character as they built him. After seeing them in action occasionally over a longer period, I began to grow less interested in their occurrences. It wasn't until recently that I realized their importance again. Shimrra possesses Jedi-like abilities, though they only appear to be basic in their skill level. The important part of what I said is in the first half of the sentence. To date, not a single Yuuzhan Vong has possessed any Jedi-like skill due to their supposed absence in the Force. In addition, we've yet to hear of ANY Yuuzhan Vong with mystical or powerful abilities beyond the norm.


We're left with two choices about Shimrra. Either his abilities are natural, or his abilities have been learned. If his abilities are natural, we have to wonder why he is the only Yuuzhan Vong to possess them, and whether the Jedi would be able to sense and interact with him. However, if his abilities are learned, we must then consider whether Vergere passed on her advanced, alternate knowledge of the Force to Shimrra. If she was not the teacher, then perhaps Shimrra discovered something in the raid on Zonoma Sekot during Rogue Planet. Obviously this ability, however it was obtained is going to tie into the Unification of the Force. No matter what, Shimrra is a character with some major development coming.

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Kill the Yuuzhan Vong... they destroyed the Star Wars myth.. is always my first thought...


I like some books but this is totally overdone!

Z'anthr saves the world. Sorry about the mess...
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Guest Scathane

Trej, did you know this?


    Question: In the book Rogue Planet, the description of the Far Outsiders sounds like a description of Yuuzhan Vong. Are they the same?
    Answer: Yes, the Far Outsiders were indeed an advance party of Yuuzhan Vong invaders.

Entry courtesy of Ask the Jedi Council.

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