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~PIRATES Versus Empire~ At the moment ;P


Play as pirates with a diverse ground units to exciting Captials fights.

Rancor has been added to ground forces of pirates.

Watch as your corvettes, frigates and captials move like fighters.

Finally, see why pirates are well known? :P (excessive use with concussion missiles beware) Enjoy!


  In the future, there will be four factions battling it out so far im not really sure if the pirates will be blacksun or something else.The forth race will be called Zin Imperium being constructed by my partner Nassius. Also, my partner is designing a new galatic campaign to fit our mod. So Cheers!


DOWNLOAD Version alpha 2.0 of Pirates At War:


DOWNLOAD Balance Patch For alpha 2.0:


New patch for download: http://rapidshare.de/files/14475881/Pirates_At_War_2.0_second_patch.rar.html

Second patch for hardpoints making spacebattles tough!

Download Here:


Third Patch:


My MUSIC ADDON(300+ mbs):

Package 1: http://rapidshare.de/files/14241023/Pirates_At_War_Music_Addon1.rar.html

Package 2: http://rapidshare.de/files/14241228/Pirates_At_War_Music_Addon2.rar.html

Package 3: http://rapidshare.de/files/14241285/Pirates_At_War_Music_Addon3.rar.html

Package 4: http://rapidshare.de/files/14240311/Pirates_At_War_Music_Addon4.rar.html

Please extract the files from all four and put them in your data folder located in your gamedata. Enjoy!


Launcher update for my mod Pirates At War: http://rapidshare.de/files/14402130/Pirates_At_War_Launcher.rar.html





Hello, and welcome to Pirates At War mod!




What I need help in:Making more ships not just replacing them.

Ideas, I could use them ;P

Pretty much anything else you can throw at me since im very new at XML, but I hope I can make something great when i'm finished.



If anyone wants to help me, I sure can use it.




Final Game menus!


Game Menu 6 Button:




Game Menu 4 Button:






New GUI for Dashboard enjoy!




New GUI for Galatic Dashboard enjoy!



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I'm gonna be creating a new game menu when the nassius and I start working on our combined mods.


I'f theres any other upload free service thats faster i'm all for it.Or any web sites willing to host my mod, seems like EAWfiles dosent want to host them.



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Hi, heres some of  previews on land battles.

Having ships, on land battles.


Venator hardpoints is all working(except the hanger atm):



Venator firing on infrantry with two V-wing escorts:



Probably gonna give the option to let the empire have accamlator with couple of tie escorts later.

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At the moment, i'm testing.


  Instead of the venator, I decided to let HomeOne(it counts as a hero so only one per player) for grounds battles being able to spawn 2 fighter escorts and Infrantry escorts. Hanger Now working!


Also made them go higher so having shields on bases is must. :)







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Last update on ships in land battles:

Stardestroyer can spawn one repulsor tank, 3 tie fighters and two bombers.No limit but they took damage while going through the atmosphere so they lost couple of hardpoints to balance it out.


Stardestroyer(Empire of course:P) unleashing lasers:



Stardestroyer spawns a bomber:



Stardestroyer spawns a fighter:




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holy shit how does this affect the balance of the land battles?  can any ground units fire up (not like it would do much damage)...  I guess you could make the iron cannon fire up at them though and do alot of damage...


this is so cool though how was it done?



also fyi, i dont know if you care, but cannon wise the ISD could not going into the atso, thats why the empire kept using the VSD..

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You should make a full version. And please host somewhere other than Rapidshare, it sucks. Truly, you can only download a certain amount of bytes every 81 minutes. And i used all that with the launcher.
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And yet you have a grand total of 4 downloads.


BTW: Its a good mod, but you forgot to change the Scale factor of the Death Clones to match the regulars. So when they die they shrink to normal size. Also, the Interceptor Frigate doesnt exist. When i go in battle its just not there.

Edited by Zer Teron
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Also got some screens









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Is the part of the mod with the ships in the atmosphere available for download? If not, how did you do it?




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Could you post the code you used to get those cap ships in the land battles?  I'm interested in incorporating some ships in atmospheric combat in my mod.


Do the fighters behave like fighters or speeders in your mod?

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Sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from Magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

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You could probably make them behave like speeders...I think that would probably work better for the atmospheric combat than the their space behavior.




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