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I've been playing campaign games with my roommate and whoever plays Empire always wins. Since rebels have to spend money to build fighters, its a waste of resources to build them, especially when Boba Fett is around. Anyone with experience playing campaign have any ideas or opinions about the campaign balancing?
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A lot of people actually think the game is slanted for the Rebels. It is definately not a waste to spend money on fighters as they are far superior to their Imperial counterparts, just keep your fighters away from Slave 1/Tartans and use Nebulon-Bs/Assualt cruisers/Mon Cals to take them out. On the flip side, make heavy use of Corellian Corvettes to take out enemy fighters/bombers. This should get you started on the right path. The Empire has more money but as you get the hang of the game you will notice their units are inferior (kind of like the movies).
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Welcome to the forums Soam! I hope you enjoy your stay.


Anywho....make sure you are playing the Rebels not like the Imperials. You have to steal reasources from your enemy, be sneaky. Also, just use Assault Frigates to blow Tartans and Victory SD's to pieces. Correlian Corvettes are(too powerful in my opinion)good, so use them to take out all their fighters and Slave I.

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I only play galactic conquest, but this is my experience:


Easiest way to take out an Imp space station?  A raid.  If the planet is lightly defended (a smuggler can tell you), send in a raid, then send in your fleet to push his away.  Best raid group versus Imps is 1 Tank, 1 Han/Chewy, & 1 Arty.  Versus pirates use 2 tanks and 1 Arty (or 2 tanks and 1 plex if you don't have arties).  Take the planet and the station disappears in my experience.


As the Rebels - DO NOT build Xwings.  Build Corvettes instead.

My fleets early in the game consist of Corvettes, Nebs, Ywings.

Usually 4 Corvettes, 3 Nebs, 8 Ywings.

Pull your Ywings behind your ships, use your corvettes and Nebs to clear out Tartans then Ties, and send your Ywings in straight to his space station's hanger.  Once it is out, no more Tartans.  While your Ywings are taking out the hanger, MAKE SURE no Tartans appear.  They are the only thing that is deadly to Ys.  They are more important than TIEs.


Once the hanger is gone, sick the Ys on any VSDs around (ion blast, then torpedos), otherwise consider pulling them out to save them from the deadly space station concussion missles and letting your Nebs finish off the station if it is a 1 or 2 level one.  Always hit proton torpedo hardpoints first, because they ignore shields and that is your Nebs strong point.


On land, the walking artillery is pretty much invulnerable but make sure you have some tanks around to pick off scouts.  To walk artillery, unpack half, and send half 2-3 artillery lengths ahead (nottoo far).  Unpack these, then bring up the ones behind you just like they were feet and you are walking.  Use the little guys that come with them to ping the area around you until your bombing run comes up.  Then ping the far corners of the map until you find targets to bomb.


Until you get the tech for arty, I use 2b tanks with 1 plex missle unit.  I sent my missle unit to the next reinforcement point and/or to build 1 repair station lots of antivehicle units.  Then I only rush his base when I have a bombing run available.  Rush in, call for a strike and rush out to repair.


For ground defense, build a barracks on planets that border his because barracks regenerate units.  I also mass units on important worlds (never leave troops in orbit.  It's a waste).  Build factories on your interior worlds, and cantinas whenever you can (so you can make smugglers.  Expensive but they earn +100 credits, spy, and deprive him of money all at the same time).

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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