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"Factions" Total Conversion Modification

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The time has come to unleash our newest Empire at War Nexus project, I like to humbly call... Factions. This mod is a planned science-fiction thriller set in a "reverse utopian" or "dystopian" world a little more advanced than ours. No, no fancy lasers, or any fancy starships. Just straight up land murder, and urban carnage. You will find that we are not totally going to give away all the background plot, or story of this mod at first. In fact, the story will correlate into our newspostings a bit at a time. With that being said, prepare yourself for the surprises and the twisted curiosities you may have.




Good morning brothers and sisters of the party and proles, this is the information minister speaking. Today I must inform you with great sorrow that the rumors of an underground resistance have been confirmed. This morning, a large thunder of multiple bombings has shaken several of our industrial plants around many of our cities. Such acts of depravation were perpetrated by a handful of enemies of the state, in our great homeland....


Now for the real news, and the image goodies, I suggest you sign up on the forums while checking out the site. For those who recognize the little Federation name, yes that is FedNet. And yes, FedNet is returning. For now, just put up with the construction. Note that this little post here aint nothing compared to the site :P






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News Snipet (expect to see these every week or so):

"IMIN: Condemnation of Insurgency"



PS: Plz don't make fun of my robot. I heard it all.. from burger... "no we should redo it"... whatever lol. Understand that I got bored one day in PhotoShop, and made it all from scratch. Anyways with that said be certain that the real and final design will be much more interesting/creepier :P This team has about 8 of us who can model, so expect rapid updates.



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Mhm... Link dead.


How dead is this project?

Burried yet?

to Bria Tharen!



http://www.vereinte-nationen.de/german.gif Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

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