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My review that I wanted to get out since everybody has been asking me how BFME 2 is like. I kinda rushed these so if you think I messed up on something then say so.




I have tried comparing these 2 games but can't seem to get a proper comparison. The only thing I can compare is that one is made by EA games and one is made by Petroglyph. Now I will try and compare it if possible.



BFME 2 - I only tried skirmish with my heroes and so far its very nice and even on easy the computer uses everything to its advantage (well almost everything). On easy it didn't get the outposts which gives you credits but as I said even on easy it still knows what it is doing. I expanded way to early and it got my resources, me knowing this attacked them but could not stop them in time. If you say easy is easy then well you play and see how difficult resourcing makes things.

EAW - Well I barely played offline EAW but when I did it just wasn't the same as online but dont get me wrong, just because I got BFME 2 I got a different view at how EAW is. EAW skirmish lets you just mess around of course and training if you will. Campaign I played a bit and there is a nice story behind it. If you capture a planet and can't protect it then count yourself being hit like I was so I had to recapture a planet.



- EAW - You can play skirmish and campaign scenerios online and can battle the devs if they're on. There is also a quick match and ladder which lets you keep track of your wins/loss. For skirmish the Imps are placed in the same base with imps on land or space and same with the Rebels. 2 vs 2 you work as a team to try and destroy the other team and capture resources that the other team wants. All out war.

- BFME 2 - When I was on for like 5 minutes before it froze my computer I saw that you can go up in rank and if your hero is on the battlegrounds (if enabled) you can gain rewards (For example if you win against 5000 players you gain a reward for your hero). There is also a War of the Ring which lets you play an online campaign. The game also tracks which faction is more effective and who got more wins.


Extra Content:

- Heroes in EAW - Well heroes in EAW do what they did in the movies and if you take advantage of them they could make you look like a fool. Well not much to say about these but that you can also train minor commander heroes.

- Heroes in BFME 2 - You can use the custom heroes EA made and/or create your own in the hero editor. Even though you can create your own hero there is still a limit at how much you can customize this. There should have been more accessories to choose from. Your bound to see a clone of your hero if you constantly play different people. The EA made heroes that are for storie and movie purpose is pretty nice as the Elve's eagle which acts like the dragon but of course for good and not evil. Not much else to say that they're an upgraded unit and can kill each unit in one hit unless its a big wall smasher in 5 hits (about).


So who wins?

Well as I said it is hard to choose from one product from another because they are both different games. Who would win? Depends on what you like really. Fast fun games would go to EAW but Hero and customization and hero rewards would go to BFME 2. You could say it is a draw.

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Yes I agree - maybe if the LEC Producers will have not had this minimalist vision and they had allowed more units and experience (*Remember that they are at least 50 units on the dry dock done but not used) - EAW will had been far in front of BFME.

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Easy in a good or bad way?

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