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Charecter Names : Appear as default in game ?


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Ive been working on weeding out some of the more useless and stupid charecters and replacing them with ones to serve the same role and with the same stats of sorts, but simply put cooler names and faces * like everyone * My problem is i ditch page and add our old badass buddy Dash Rendar, yet he still apears in fleet menue on on planet as Page. Ive tossed Master Jonus C'boath in aswell as marajade, but they still apear as Noval and Labsenat. Though the pic is differant stats are modified acordingly, i cant seem to get the dam name to apear correctly. Is this something that can not be fixed with reb ed alone ? Or have i walked right past the solution somewhere within other options of the program ?

Many thanks to the designers and those who keep this place running. Ive been using an old rebellion editing program based on dos, whitch is absoulute crap compaired to this and stumbled apon you here via misguided search on google. Excellant job here.

Master DeLos Ellis.
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Guest Scathane
If you load the card in RebED with a different name, the name should change in the game as well... Could you tell me step by step what you've done?
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If you use RebEd and still it isn't working you might check that all your Rebellion aren't in Read-Only.

If you can't do it, you can use Resource Hacker to do the name-changing directly in the DLLs..

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I would recommend editing names in the dlls in general. This way, you can make the names 'fitting' with their exact length. You can even edit rank designations (i.e. let the game say Grand Admiral Thrawn). It's all in textstra.dll. Refer to Mask's dll info file for the exact adresses.

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I've ran into this problem as well. The editing in RebEd should do the trick, but it doesn't work too well if you LOAD an old game. To see if there is actual change, try starting a new game.


Still, after I've discovered the textstra.dll file, I use only it for editing because I can get rid of those annoying spaces after shorter names and you can also enlong names beyond the space limit... :wink:


So now, I have eight "Grand Admirals" and a couple of "Grand Generals". :twisted:

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