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Where do I go to play online?


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I've played a fiend on a LAN before, but after a few games he no longer wanted to play against me.. (sheez, he even won a game!). After that I've tried to use a program similar to RebEd to up the AI a little; Shortening build an travel times by 50% will give a human a bit more of a run for his money, but the game was still all but over in 500 days or so.


Well, there's nothing like a human victim so where can I find them?

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I am also on GameSpy. Sometimes you can find a stray Rebellion fan lurking in the DirectPlay-LAN part of the MSN Gaming Zone. (http://www.zone.com) click on ALL GAMES on the toolbar to the left and then go to the bottom of the screen under "Z" (everything is in alphabetical order) and click on ZoneLAN-DirectPlay then select "Strategy Games". The chances that you'll find somebody here is very slim. GameSpy room is almost ALWAYS empty too. I've found the best way is to just schedule playing times with people to be in the GameSpy room and then go from there.


Which brings me to my next point. If anyone is up for a game, e-mail me at MasterWangus@hotmail.com and we can set up a time to play. I'm in the Eastern Time Zone (U.S.) FYI.


Master of Rebellion

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Kali was the only way I knew of for playing people online back in the days of WarCraftII. It got blown away when blizzard came up with battle.net, and so other games followed. Since Rebellion wasn't intended on being played on kali, you have to add it as a custom game and know a person to play with on a certain server. Once you have it set up, just rub the game on the server you two pick and you can go through IPX. Let me know if you need any help, I can be more detailed :) And let me know if you want to play sometime!
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