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Super Bowl 40!!!


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w00t!!!! ;D

So who you guys cheering for?? Stealers all the way!!!

Not really, Im a Denver fan myself :'(, but ANYONE is better than teh Seahawks.

Halftime show now, 7 - 3 Stealers. Ive got $20 with my friends that says Stealers PWN the Seahawks.

"For every TIE fighter you shoot down, a thousand more rise to take its place"

-Baron Fel


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say what now? super...bowl?

o yea, go hawks? (have to, live in washinton)


i dont like the game, they should take away all the padding, like in rugby, where the only protection you have is the ducktape on your ears. plays exactly like football too!

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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Yeah Steelers!!!! Whoot! ;D (i'm a rams or a colts fan, but they both lost....)

Protecting the world from those who have an IQ higher than 30! Huzzah!


Trust me...I'm a professional.


Some other members and I are trying to be superheroes and save the forums. But we can't do it on our own. We need your help! Join us!



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Damn it! I was rooting for Seahawks. But no matter whose side you're on, you gotta love that Randle-El to Ward for the touchdown-play.


You Americans are so lucky, in our timezone the game starts at 1am and lasts all trough the night.

It bring upon us more of famine, death and war,

you know religion has a lot to answer for.


-Steve Harris, Iron Maiden

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