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Jedi fights?


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I beliefe that if the message: "I detected ..... with a disturbance of the force" they fought each other and one loose because often one become wounded and his mission is always foiled.

I tested it out: I crushed the empire to just one planet remaining where emperor and Vader were.

I made missions there: 1. a none jedi char with one decoy

2. a force char with a decoy


1. the none force char made every mission successful.

2. the force char said the upon named sentence and failed always.


Summon: If a force char is still on a planet he foils every mission of enemy force users.

And I found out, that a minor jedi who encounters an other Jedi gets an increase of 2 points in force stats[/b]

"I am growing stronger with the Force"
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No I think its a good thing in the game its feeling like episode 1 where the Jedis fight each other while meeting.

And a padawan is mostly woundet or KILLED 8O by a Jedi Master.I had a minor Jedi as trainee with combat about :roll: 180 and he was ALWAYS (I saved and tryed it often) killed by the emperor

"I am growing stronger with the Force"
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Well, but you can expect that the emperor is a Sith Master c'mon a stupid padawan wont be able to destroy a Master

I find your lack of faith disturbing - Darth Vader-

Wipe them out, all of them - darth Sidious -

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That seem to be interesting. I will check that :)

And what about successrate?

Is it better to make a non Forcer with a Forcer that the Forcer is engaged with Vader/Palpy and the none Forcer can do the Job? :wink:

"I am growing stronger with the Force"
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