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Some New Fan Questions


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Hi Guys,


Another Designer (Darth Torpid) answered some questions over at the Lucas forums. I wanted to make sure they were posted here as well. Sorry I haven't been posting much. I'm pulled into post-launch planning for EAW which involves patches, balance work, and game enhancements.  I'll be back in full gear soon.




(1)Are there firing range indications both for ground and space units? We cannot see any in the demo, which, in many cases ends up brining your forces to close to the enemy and get annihilated (not to mention those torpedo launchers that un-deploy automatically from their defense points).



Generally the firing ranges of the units are not indicated. Some of the special abilities that have an area of effect will show that area when the ability is activated. You can also see if something is in range by watching the mouse cursor when you attempt to target something.



(2) I have a clarification question is the regular edition CD and the collectors’ edition DVD? I'm curious to know if the collectors’ edition is DVD I haven't decided which one to get yet.


Here's the SKU list as I have it:


US English (1 DVD, extra bonus disk)


US English (2 CD)


UK/SP/IT (1 DVD) English VO (Spanish/Italian HUD and Tutorial VO) with Spanish/Italian on-screen text


UK English (2 CD)


German (1 DVD) – full localization


French (1 DVD) – full localization


Polish (1 DVD) – full localization


Russian (1 DVD) – full localization


Japanese (1 DVD) – text localization only


Canadian French (1 DVD) - full localization


Asia/Pacific UK English (2 CD)


Brazil UK English (2 CD)


Mexico US English (2 CD)


Note that this is subject to change but should be relatively trustworthy.


(3)What effects happen when major characters are taken out: Leia, Luke, Emperor, Vader, etc.


With some exceptions, heroes have a re-spawn timer that activates when they are defeated in combat (whether in space, land, or taken out by a bounty hunter). Heroes can also trigger their re-spawn timers when certain galactic-mode special abilities are used (for example, Boba Fett de-spawns when you use him to eliminate a Rebel hero). The hero re-spawn timer is long enough to be a pretty meaningful penalty for losing them, but not long enough to prevent you from enjoying the use of the heroes.


Because of this, it is strategically beneficial to, for example, use Boba Fett to eliminate a Rebel hero, or use a raid to eliminate an Imperial hero before a major battle to deprive the other side of their use.


The exceptions are the “leader” heroes – Mon Mothma and the Emperor. If the “kill enemy leader” win condition is turned on, defeating those heroes will end the game.



(4)Can both "move," "attack-move," and "attack" commands be queued as waypoints, rather than just "move" commands? It'd be nice to tell a bomber squad to take out the hardpoints on a ship in a particular order or tell a group of units to sweep for enemies along a given route, instead of having to wait and issue each command individually after the last is completed.


Currently there is no order queuing in the game other than movement waypoints, but we will certainly put it down as something to consider for the future.


(5)How do you selectively split your fleet for an initial invasion fleet and a follow-up second fleet?


There’s no way to queue up fleets for an attack, but you can use the normal way the game engine works to achieve the same effect. I am assuming you already know how to arrange ships within fleets by zooming into planets and dragging ships around.


All galactic progress stops while a tactical battle is taking place; so using this fact you can send one fleet to your target, wait a few seconds, and then send the next one to the same target. Be sure your pause is long enough; if you don’t wait long enough between fleet dragging the game will automatically combine the fleets at the target destination.


So, when the first fleet arrives, you have your battle, and the second fleet is paused on the route to the target. Even if you lose the first battle or retreat, the second fleet is unaffected and will arrive as soon as the first tactical battle ends.


Generally you will want to split space and land forces anyway unless you are absolutely sure of the enemy space defenses, since ground unit transports are easy and obvious targets.





Take care guys!


Game Designer/Community Rep


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Guest JediIgor

i have no dvd thingy in my PC so the addition of 2 Cd's is super-fantastic



I'm surprised your computer will even be able to run EAW.

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I'm surprised your computer will even be able to run EAW.


EAW is not a demanding game in any respect. I could dig out my 6 year old PC and be able to run it without any problems.

Maybe with all settings on low, but able to run it nonetheless. About the dvd thing, my last comp had no dvd player, and that was only about 2 years ago. I could buy an uber tricked out comp now and have it come with no dvd player.

"For every TIE fighter you shoot down, a thousand more rise to take its place"

-Baron Fel


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my Pc has no flopy, but it does have a dual layer DVD burner

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


Please can you post a comment on My clone story, in fan fiction. :)






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