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What kind of copy protection will EaW use?


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hmmmm interesting question why on earth would you wish to know this unless you plan to do something which you shouldn't.  >:(


If I would plan to do something I shouldn't, I wouldn't use this forum to ask  ;D


Just read a lot of nasty articles about the copy protection in Starforce so I was getting curious.

I want to get myself new entertainment not new problems.

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The StarForce copy protection system has been reported to cause a lot of problems with various disk drives, basically making the game unplayable.  There also is the issue of a program being installed on your computer without you being able to oversee the installation (I know about the micro-print in the EULA).  I don't like StarForce because of the second issue, luckily I haven't had the first issue.  That being said, I currently have it on my system due to Silent Hunter III.


For a developer they have to decide whether or not the chance of losing sales due to incompatibilities and/or player refusal to accept the malware that is StarForce is worth the extra protection that it requires.


There are ways to get around StarForce, and there have been some outright cracks for some games, but most methods are more complicated than for other protections out there I understand.  No copy-protection method is fool proof, but game makers can't afford to not put one on there.


As it stands now, the copy-protection method has not been stated for EAW unless I missed it, but there would be no reason that they would broadcast that.  Don't think that there will not be one since the game will be very moddable.


Anyway, I think that this thread has very dangerous potential for discussions that could meander into the "shady" realm so I will be locking it.

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