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Encountered funny deadlock in game


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Hi all,


how would you have solved this:

yesterday I had to kill a really promising game because I encountered a funny deadlock situation.

(I am playing the demo with Bryants's mod and added Cain's newly published retreat-option)


I was moving just Tarkin to a Planet (don't remember the name) and forgot that he's only using his shuttle.

Seconds after he arrived in orbit a rebel fleet left hyperspace and battle was imminant.


The rebel fleet was made up of one single pathetic transport :)


What happend - the 2 transports where chasing themselves around the map without being able to enflict any damage on themselves (I left them alone for 15 minutes on fast forward).

As you all certainly know - Tarkins special ability is 'no retreat'  ;)


I quit the game, how would you have solved this?

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The key to these battles is to issue move commands to your transport keeping it just a bit behind the other.  The attack command causes your ship to stop and fire at range making it necessary to speed up and get back within range.  It will fire on the other ship though if it is just moving near it.  Speed up the game and right click in front of the enemy ship periodically and keep your unit behind it, kind of like directing a dogfight on a 2d plane.

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Before they got retreat enabled i encountered this, my transport was right behind the enemies and stayed their but never got through its shields. I waited for 1 1/2 hours on Fast Forward before i quit
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Tarkin's ability can be removed from the faction.xml and his team / xml - as for this types of scenarios - I think wee need to find a way to only let rebels mover military tarnsports with escorts.

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Now that would be annoying! They need to lower the health/shield of transports.

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Thanks for your answers, next time I'll try the method mentioned by Teradyn,

don't know yet wether I'll have the patience to chase a Transport with another transport  ;)


@Zer Teron :

I know about 'retreat' in the full version, but as far as I know Tarkin is very stubborn,

even in the full retail version he won't be able to do that ...

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