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Feyenoord Rotterdam


Who is better?  

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  1. 1. Who is better?

    • Feyenoord
    • Excelsior
    • Celtic
    • Sparta

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Go Celtic.

Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has, how embarrassing. - Yoda


Do not count a human dead until you've seen his body, and even then you can make a mistake. - Bene Gesserit saying

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I can't see Arsenal up there....you know, most of the French national team earning their wages when they're not on international duty.... :lol:


Your countryman, Dennis Bergkamp, is a legend here in North London. I guess though, Dark Jedi, you guys in the States have some catching up to do with Football that the rest of the world has been getting on with.... though having said that I was seriously impressed with the USA in the World Cup...

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I don't like dutch soccer much, I like Italian even English.

I am a Juventino, when European soccer is concerned...

The World cup was in some way disappointing... the whole south corea issue. How they bought their way into the semifinals... The disappointing of the Generación de Oro in Portugal... France... not a single goal scored.... GErmany making it into the final??? ... Costa Rica losing against Brazil 5-2....


BTW how many members of the french national team play for Arsenal?

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...errr...golly! Talk about putting me on the spot Trej dude! Top of my head...errr....Vierra....Henry....Wiltord....errr....Pieres....errr.. ...ummm.. .errr.... ummm... someone else.... and someone else as well... and between 1-2 people I forgot... I reckon... and hell, if they're not at Arsenal they're at Chelsea or Manchester United! (spit)
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I'd go as far and call the last worldcup crazy :!:

France not even scoring one goal.

Italy & England gone too soon.

Holland not even there at all. 8O

And the final game between Brazil and the spoiled football millionaires

of Germany.

Frankly, I didn't expect them to get this far at all. After seeing the last

team 'on strike' during the former worldcup, just because they didn't like their

coach, I sort of lost interest in watching them playing and losing more often after that.

One day I hope, there'll be a German soccer team, that'll be interested again in winning that cup once more and not in how much they could've earned playing 'at home' or making commercials during that time. The last German team that won the cup, in '91 IIRC, was fun to watch. The current (new) coach Rudi Völler was still playing then and they were eager to win back then, but nowadays I mostly don't watch anymore, cause it's disappointing with all these young and inexperienced players.




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Mask, there was more to the last world cup than met the eye... :wink:


All the major league certainties forgot that:


a} all their players were shagged from their European seasons,


b}You can't field a team of superstars on the back end of winning the last World Cup if you have forgotten how to play as a team (ie:France)


c}The Italians being shafted in the finals was to blatent to ignore the fact that...


d}FIFA was selling the game as opposed to playing the game; you guys in Germany weren't rolled over, but...perhaps...obliged to 'roll over,' what team conjures up all the essense in the mythology of the world cup than Brazil, if you ask your average Joe anywhere in the world?


e}The world cup was a marketing spectacle, manipulated from the outset. Korea in the semi-finals; yeah right!


I am extremely dubious, as you might have gathered.

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Germany's Miroslav Klose that scored about 4 goals in the first match against Saudi-Arabia and then did nothing.

The Ecuadorian referee that made Korea win against Italy (BTW he retired himself from soccer after the Ecuadorian Federation sanctioned him twice in less than 6 months).

Zidane forgets how to play soccer when he leaves Madrid.

Due to typhoon season in Asia the World Cup had to be moved one month ahead and some players came very very tired.... SOme Argentinian players were playing matches in their local league almost a week before the World Cup started.

Argentina losing in the first round, despite the fact that they were among the favorites...

Brazil winning the Cup... How I hate them....I'd rather have had england winning against them in Quarter Fianls.

Nonmotivated German team composed of unexperienced young players and some very old fossils (bierhoff)

Es gibt nur ein Rudi Völler Lied....

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the reason i put feyenoord there is because feyenoord is my club, excelsior is is lil' brother of feyenoord, i like celtic very much too, and i'd like to see sparta lose
If there was a TK-421 there must have been a TK-13
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