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EA games and C&C Hosting


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Well me and Garbageben tried hosting a game on C&C Zero hour online, custom match 4 vs 4 server then North America but only one of us loads and other doesn't. I tried hosting then him but failed. I got pissed so I wanted to see what the EA bot will do. I messaged this.


Me: Why the hell cant I join your game Ben?

Ben: I dont know

Someone else: I WILL HOST ONE

Ben: Thanks

me: I tried hosting then him but we cant join a game

Ben: Actually we cant but when we get into the game we get disconnected

me: Silly EA and their hosting

someone else: MUFFINS sux

smoeone else: Muffins sux

me: hmm

Bot: I'm a bot and please click on the link for the rules (Gamespy rules link)

me: I knew you were a a bot

Bot: I'm a bot and please click on the link for the rules (Gamespy rules)

me: Rules? Lol

bot: Repeats

me: All I said was I cant join a game so why are you messaging me?

bot: repeats


me and Ben exited



Any clue why I cant join or host? Me and Gen.Vader tried 5 times before and it worked once but cant anymore.

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Must be an EA thing. Civ4 and other games work fine with no lag. We even did the BFME2 beta together and it worked with no hitches or lag at all. That bot just cracks me up. Maybe if Ghostly hadn't started with a cuss word in the first sentence, but the rules said excessive cussing so that couldn't have been it. Anyways it was a waste of time and all because I had the wrong version of warlords for HW2. :oops:
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