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Hidden Destiny -A Freespace2/Babylon5 Crossover

Grey Jedi

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This is my first fanfic so please go easy on me. I've checked and re-checked for spelling and grammar error but there is bound to be some more present.



I do not own Freespace 2 or Babylon 5. The rights to use their characters, concepts, plots etc. belongs to Volition, Interplay, Parallax Online, and Warner Bros. Studios. This story has not been authorized by any of them. If any, or all, request that it is removed from the Internet, I shall do so.


A little background info:

In the Freespace universe this happens 12 years after the end of the second shivan invasion. The subspace portal in Delta Serpentis has been constructed and Earth rejoined the Alliance. In The Babylon 5 universe this takes place in the Earth/Minbari war, about 6 months before the battle of the Line.




Galactic Terran Installation Troy

Sol System

The room was large and dark, the only source of light coming from a large Holo projector in the centre of the room, surrounding this was a large table with several people sitting around, the table itself had little on it besides a few refreshments which had yet to be touched and a small computer which was installed directly on the table and allowed anyone that attended these meetings to access relevant information.

Present in this meeting was Admiral Steve Mallory an average man with black hair and piercing blue eyes and commander of the GTVA 15th Terran Fleet, the captains of various ships were also present, they were staring intently at the battle being played on the hologram, it showed two fleets fighting against each other, one was almost entirely composed of large blue fish shaped ships firing an constant barrage of green beams, the other a mixture of dark and Grey ships of utilitarian design that even if outnumbered and outgunned kept firing wildly in an attempt to hit their enemies but either their targeting was bad or there was something else disrupting it, as it was most of the shots missed and the blue ships pushed trough destroying anyone that attempted to stop them, even escape pods were target and annihilated, a few of the Gray ships lucky enough to reach point blank range turned and attempted to ram the nearest enemy ship destroying both in the process but still it wasn’t enough to turn the tide of the battle.


The image moved from the slaughter to show one small station, part of it spinning and a number of small craft exiting its hangar to dock with the nearby ships.


Admiral Steve chose this time to make a small comment.


“This is as far as we can gather a civilian station; those ships are presumably carrying civilians.â€

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infact heres a fan fic.the title is.A FELLOW JEDI.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D                                                                                                                                                                                         
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