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LoE book is the true story behind what happened before ROTS


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Here's a description on the battle.


The Climactic Battle of Coruscant


Key Characters


Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Mace Windu, Master Yoda, Shaak Ti, Stass Allie, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, General Grievous, Count Dooku, Kit Fisto, Padmé Amidala, Stass Allie***


Setting the Stage


Part 1


A Confederacy armada appears in orbit over Coruscant.


Mace Windu sends Stass Allie to the Senate building to help Shaak Ti protect Chancellor Palpatine. Shaak tells Stass she was just at Palpatine’s residence, but he wasn’t there; she says she hopes someone in the Senate knows where he is. Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma are conversing with an ARC trooper--the clone won’t let them leave. Bail calls out to the Jedi, asking why the clones won’t let them leave, and would the Jedi please tell the troopers.... Interrupting, one of the Jedi asks if they’ve seen the Chancellor. Mon Mothma says no, why? Shaak replies that they’re his protectors and no one has seen him since the attack. Bail asks how they can help.


He spots Padmé Amidala and C-3PO conversing with a Gran delegate. Bail asks if she’s seen the Chancellor; Padre opines he’s probably in the holding office. Shaak says they were just there; the office is empty and even the guards are gone. Padre says they must have escorted the Chancellor into the shelters. Shaak says she and Stass will check the Senate office and 500 Republica (Palpatine’s apartment seen in The Phantom Menace). She asks the Senators where they’re going. Wherever they’re directed to go, Bail responds. Stass tells them it will be hours before the Senate is evacuated, and she offers them her skimmer to pilot directly to the shelters.


The group walks off but is blocked by a clone. Holding up her lightsaber to identify herself as a Jedi, Shaak says the senators are with them (meaning her and Stass). She tells the Senators to get themselves to safety. Looking back, Stass says, “May the Force be with you.” Laying a hand on her stomach, Padmé says, “May the Force be with us all.”


Part 2


Following the trail of clues that have come from the original discovery of Gunray’s Mechno-chair, Master Windu and Shaak Ti have tracked Darth Sidious to The Works. They discovered that he recently took a tunnel that led right under 500 Republica, home of the wealthiest Senators. Meanwhile, Darth Sidious was worried that the Jedi were getting close to him and ordered Grievous to execute “the plan they discussed”. Hearing a noise, Mace and Shaak left the ARCs they had been with and headed to the surface.


General Grievous and his flotilla of Separatist Battleships arrived above Coruscant from secret Deep Core routes known only to Jedi. They destroyed many Republic Cruisers before they can get their shields down but made no real effort to engage them.


Yoda realized that this was Sidious’ response to being chased and tried to activate the beacon summoning Jedi home to defend the Capital, only to find himself jammed. Meanwhile, Grievous ordered those of his fighters which had penetrated the shield on to attack civilian targets and sow panic. On the planet, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa and Padme met Shaak Ti and Stass Allie who were searching for the Chancellor. The Jedi headed for Palpatine’s private residence. The three Senators then came under attack from Vulture Fighters.


On the Invisible Hand, General Grievous discovered that already Republic reinforcements were arriving. He told his crew to “Consider every Republic vessel a target of opportunity” and then left for his gunboat with several MagnaDroids and fifty Battle Droids aboard.


On Coruscant, Yoda was attempting to sense what was going on, when he realized that the whole battle was a diversion. Concentrating, he suddenly felt the Force turn cold and for the first time, he sensed Sidious. Sensed him on Coruscant! Meanwhile, the ARC Troopers who had searched the tunnel with Windu found a new tunnel with life forms there. They went on but were all killed by Geonosian Sonic Blasters. Their leader blearily saw Darth Sidious himself walk by and had only time to think about how deeply into the government the Sith had infiltrated before he died.


Meanwhile, Shaak Ti and Stass Allie discovered Palpatine at his private residence. They found him with his 6 Red Guards refusing to leave. He said he would not be seen to be cowering before the attack. Shaak Ti saw a gunship explode in the distance and she grabbed Palpatine and tackled him to the floor. As he was protesting, the window erupted and a gunboat burst in. Grievous’gunboat. His battle droids attacked, but Stass Allie fended them off and as Republic Gunships arrived, Grievous’ gunboat fled.


Palpatine, the two Jedi and the Red Guards left the office. Rather than take Palpatine’s private Gunship, they headed for the Mag-lev train which would take them near the bunker. Shaak spoke to Mace through com-link and he and Kit Fisto joined them. They realized that the Shield was down over that sector.


Meanwhile, Padme and the other Senators tricked the Vulture Droids and destroyed several of them. They then saw the other 2 turn and begin pursuing the mag-lev train. On the train, Mace was wondering how Grievous had known where Palpatine’s private residence was when battle droids dropped in and attacked. He and Kit Fisto destroyed them, and realized that the Separatists wanted Palpatine alive.


A metallic thud on the roof of the mag-lev car signaled the arrival of General Grievous. Mace dueled Grievous while Kit destroyed the MagnaGuards. Mace tricked the cyborg, who fell from the train. He then saw the gunboat descend to where Grievous had plummeted and concluded that the General escaped.


He and Fisto took a gunship in pursuit of the gunboat while Stass Allie and Shaak Ti took the Chancellor to his bunker. When Palpatine was in, a Republic Gunship suddenly attacked them- hijacked by Grievous, who had deceived them. Whle the two Jedi fought Battle Droids, Grievous and his MagnaGuards slaughtered their way through the corridor leading to the Bunker, killing more than 40 Clone Troopers.


Grievous used codes provided by Dooku to open the Blast Doors. He then dueled 4 Jedi while his Guards attacked the Clones and Red Guards within. The Droid General slew the 4 Jedi, killed the remaining guards and then informed the Chancellor that “You’re coming with me!” He activated a beacon recalling the Jedi to Coruscant and, ignoring Palpatine’s taunts, he took Palpatine and fled on a ship.


Mace arrived too late, finding that Grievous had stolen his victim’s lightsabres, but he and Kit took cruisers to try and catch Grievous. The General eluded them and landed on the Invisible Hand. Two Jedi landed at the same time and tried to rescue the Chancellor, but Grievous killed them both and bound Palpatine to a chair in the General’s Quarters. He ejected the Jedi’s bodies where they could be seen by the Holo-Net cameras.


Grievous then made a Holo-Net announcement showing the people of Coruscant the captive Chancellor and proclaiming the downfall of the Republic. Across the Galaxy, people were stunned and horrified. On Coruscant, master Yoda sensed that Sidious had escaped the planet. It seemed that it was truly the end for the Republic.***


It leaves out the part where plo, pabloo, and other jedi fight in space. Plus the 4 jedi were human,twe'iek,ithorian, and talz. The ARCs were led by General Valient along with a TC-16 droid, and Intelligence clone Dyne.

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the book is way better than that gay cartoon, the cartoon makes it look like some huge invasion where yoda rides a horse around and somehow the jedi with the horns can survive in the vaccum of space with only a helmet  :P
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Dark lord is wirten by the same person and set after EP 3 it is very good as well

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


Please can you post a comment on My clone story, in fan fiction. :)






(> <) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world Domination

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Cursing is bad and Gay means having intercoursal relationships with the same gender.


Oh and btw, the cartoon was a good cartoon, the book is great.

Person B: Wheres the Emperor, anyway?

Person A: The Emperor is currently at Nal Hutta.

Person B: I don't think he'd be at Nal Hutta it has a swamp.

Person A: Whats wrong with a swamp?

Person B: Well its the Emperor, he would never touch a swamp as hes well the Emperor.

Person A: Your right...

Person B: Instead he'd make a super weapon to destroy the swamp, it'd probably be called the Plunginator!!!!

Person A: Huh?

Person B: Lol....

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