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Is there base building in this game?

Yes, although not in the traditional sense. When you purchase a structure on a planet in galactic mode, the building is placed on the ground for you. In order to keep base building consistent throughout the game, we also have preset locations for base building in skirmish mode. However when in combat, there are resource facilities and build pads that you can use to bolster your income and defenses depending on what you choose to build. There are also other buildings and structures on many of the maps that can be captured, adding other benefits during combat.


Are there pop caps?

Yes there are pop caps and they are a part of the strategic and tactical elements of gameplay.

- Galactic mode has a large pop cap that is determined by the number of planets you have under your control and the space stations you have built around those planets. You can increase the Galactic pop cap by capturing additional planets and increasing the strength of your space stations.

- Space combat in the campaign and conquest modes, the pop cap is set to 20 and cannot be increased.

- As the invader in land combat in campaign and conquest modes, the pop cap is tied to the number of reinforcement points you have under your control on a given map. Each map will have somewhere between 2 to 4 reinforcement points, with each point having a specific pop cap associated with it. The more points you control, the more units you can bring down from space onto the map. The defender is limited to a pop cap of 10 units, but is given free garrison units for specific base structures and other means of increasing the number of units on the field without affecting the pop cap.

- In land skirmish play the pop cap works much like land combat in campaign play. The pop cap is based on the number and type of reinforcement points that are under your control. Reinforcement points have different values and can increase your pop cap by different amounts.

- When planning your strategies, it is important to think about which reinforcement points will benefit you the most. Unit size is also an important factor when strategizing your pop cap; larger units take up more of your pop cap points than smaller units.


How does the economy work? Do you have to send workers or droids out to gather resources like in other games?

The acquisition of galactic credits drives the game?s economy. In the campaign and conquest modes, you gain more galactic credits by controlling planets. Each planet provides you with a certain amount of income each galactic day. The more planets you control, the more credits you will receive. You can increase the amount of credits that any planet provides to your economy by building mining facilities on them. You can build as many mining facilities on a planet as it can hold, but every planet has different bonuses and some planets naturally provide higher income than others. Certain planets also have trade routes between them allowing for additional income provided you are in control of all of the planets that are connected by a trade route. Lastly, if you control planets that allow you to build Cantinas, you can also hire smugglers and send them to steal credits from your enemy?s planets.


In skirmish mode, your base provides a small amount of income over time. In land skirmish, this amount can be increased by capturing mining facilities and resource pads on which you can build resource centers. In space skirmish, you can capture mining asteroids and build asteroid mining facilities on them in order to increase your income.


Is there a technology tree? Can units be upgraded?

Yes and Yes! Both the Rebels and the Imperials have technology trees. In campaign and conquest modes, the Rebels steal technology from the Empire one piece at a time and advance when all of the technology for each tech level is acquired. The Empire builds research facilities and researches the entire set of technology for each tech level advance. In Skirmish mode, both the Empire and the Rebels research technology through their bases.


In the campaign and conquest modes, there are unit upgrades that can be purchased during combat missions from mercenary outfitters and other sources. In skirmish mode, all units can be upgraded directly through the Rebel and Imperial base buildings and space stations.


Will the AI be smart and make logical decisions on what to attack?

Yes, the AI is very smart and will make logical decisions on what to go after. If it anticipates a threat it will try to respond accordingly if it has the means to do so, by using different techniques such as hit and run tactics, rushing and turtling.





How many units in total are there on each side?

The Rebels and Imperial have 29 units total on each side

Imperial - 7 Heroes, 8 Ground Units, 10 Space Units

Rebel - 8 Heroes, 7 Ground Units, 10 Space Units

Both sides can also get Fleet Commanders, Field Commanders, Smugglers and Bounty Hunters


What units are in the game?

The complete list of units is available on the EAW Website: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swempireatwar/indexFlash.html


How do you build and use the Death Star?

In order to build the Death Star, you need to research the entire Imperial technology tree. Once that has been completed, you will be able to build the Death Star on any Imperial controlled planet with a level 5 space station present. As soon as the Death Star has been constructed, you can send it to any planet and wield its power. When the Death Star is sent to a Rebel controlled planet, you will go into space combat. The Death Star contains a small fleet of it?s own that it will take into combat with it, but any additional ships you add to the Death Star fleet will also be available to use in battle. During combat, once the Death Star gets into range, you can then flip the switch and blow up the planet right in the middle of the battle!


How do you attack the Death Star?

When the Rebellion has acquired almost every piece of technology they can, Red Squadron will be created and become available for you to take into battle with your fleets. In order to destroy the Death Star, you need to have Red Squadron in your fleet and they must survive the battle in order to attack it.


Is there an option to remove the Death Star from the campaign or Galactic Conquest matches?

The Death Star is part of both Campaign storylines and can not be removed. The Death Star can be locked out of a Conquest game by setting the max Tech Level to 4. Only the Empire has 5 tech levels and the Death Star is the only technology available in Tech Level 5. The Death Star is not available in Skirmish play.


Can the Death Star take out capital ships and space stations?

No, the Death Star can not take out capital ships or space stations. It is used to destroy planets.


Can you make a droid army instead of the standard stormtroopers?

No, you cannot make a droid army. The droid armies of the Trade Federation were wiped out long before the timeline of EAW takes place.


Do units gain experience?

No, units do not gain experience. Units can be upgraded by purchasing upgrades.


How come the A-wing is in the game, but not other ships likes the B-wing or Super Star Destroyer?

The A-wing is available later in the game?s timeline. It was prototyped around the time of the Battle of Yavin (when Episode IV takes place) and ?could have? been in use around this time. It?s up to you if you want to get and use it.


Other vehicles and ships that were first made after the movie are not in the game. Some vehicles and ships that were available during this timeframe were not included due to gameplay and story reasons.


Can infantry squads be modified, or merged with other squads?

When you purchase an infantry unit, it comes as its own squad. Infantry in general can get upgraded and healed just like any other unit, but when individual members of the squad get killed, they cannot be replaced. Also, infantry squads can not be merged with other infantry squads. Like any other unit, multiple infantry squads can be put into a larger control group and commanded as a larger force.


Are Airspeeders the only way to take out AT-ATs?

AT-ATs are extremely tough, but they can be taken down by vehicles and infantry. Airspeeders are the counter to the AT-AT because they have the tow cable attack.


Can Airspeeders take out AT-STs?

Yes, but they can only use their tow cable on AT-ATs.


Will you be able to capture space and ground vehicles?

You cannot capture space vehicles but you can capture ground vehicles when using Chewbacca, one of the Rebel hero characters in EAW.





How big of a role will heroes play in the game?

Heroes play an important role in both campaigns and they are the main drive for the story. They are also stronger than regular units and each hero has unique abilities. Having the right heroes in battle can certainly turn the tide of combat.


Are Luke and Leia playable characters even though they were only 18 in A New Hope?

Luke is a member of the infamous Red Squadron along with Jek Porkins, Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter, Garven Dreis and John D. Luke does not have his own hero character separated out from Red Squadron. Leia is not a playable hero.


Are there any hero ships in the game like the Millennium Falcon and Home One?

Yes, hero ships are in the game. They are not listed as their own units because they are considered part of the hero unit that commands the ship. Commander Ackbar always captains his ship, Home One, and Han and Chewie will always be in the Millennium Falcon when in space combat?etc.


Are heroes able to be converted to other sides?

No, heroes are defined for both the Rebellion and the Empire and can not switch sides.


Do heroes gain experience? Can they get upgrades or modifications?

No, heroes do not gain experience, upgrades or modifications. They have more special abilities and are more powerful than regular units.


How will heroes be recruited?

In the story campaigns, heroes will join your faction as you progress through the storyline. In the Galactic Conquest scenarios, heroes will join your faction over time at different tech levels. In Skirmish play, heroes become available for recruitment at different tech levels.





Can you produce units during combat?

Units can be produced during combat in Skirmish mode. In the Campaign and Galactic Conquest modes, units can only be produced from the galactic map. On many planets, when in combat you can recruit indigenous forces and other mercenary type units to aid you in battle. You can also call in reinforcements (if you have any) and there are local garrison units that become available periodically during the battle from the planet defender?s base buildings.


Can you call in a bombing run or a fighter mission in land combat?

Yes, you can call in a bombing run if you have bombers in orbit, or purchase the ability in skirmish mode. Bombers will fly down from orbit and drop their payload over the area surrounding any target you choose. Fighters can not participate in land combat.


Can you do orbital bombardments?

No, we do not have orbital bombardments in the game.


Do space units have hard points that can be targeted, like shields, turbolaser batteries?etc.?

Yes, capital ships and space stations have hard points that can be targeted rather than shooting at the entire ship. If you want to only disable a ship?s engines or shields, you can. If you want to prevent a Star Destroyer from launching fighters you can take out the fighter bay?.etc.


Can capital ship and space station hard points be modified?

No, capital ship and space station hard points can not be modified.


Can you call in reinforcements during a battle?

Yes in campaign and conquest modes, you can call in reinforcements in both space and land combat provided you brought more forces to the battle than are allowed by the pop cap. In space combat, your reinforcement forces will wait just out of range of the battle and in ground combat; your forces will wait in orbit until called down.


Is skirmish mode, you can purchase new units at your base buildings on land and at your space station in space. Once purchased, you can call in the new units as reinforcements just like in the campaign and conquest modes.


Do ships or any vehicles carry troops on them?

Only transports can carry ground units. Although lore dictates that many capital ships carry ground forces, capital ships in EAW do not carry ground units for balancing reasons. Vehicles do not transport troops either. The AT-AT has a special ability allowing it to deploy Stormtrooper squads during battle, but it can not pick up troops and transport them.


Can you attack ships that are under construction?

No, you cannot attack ships under construction. The exception is a few story missions that do allow it for the purposes of storytelling.


Can you access the galactic map while in Combat?

No, you can?t access the galactic map during combat. When you?re in combat, you are locked into the combat map until the battle has concluded or a player or the AI decides to retreat.


Will asteroids damage ships?

Yes, asteroids damage larger ships. Smaller ships, like Tie Fighters and X-wings, can travel through asteroid fields without taking any damage.


What effects will weather have on ground units?

Weather can affect a number of things including weapon accuracy, sight range and even cause damage to some units.


What happens to the units that I destroy after a battle? Can heroes die?

If a unit is killed or destroyed in battle it is gone and you will need to build a replacement. Heroes that are defeated in battle are taken out of play for the rest of the battle and for a period of time during the campaign and conquest modes. Heroes will become available again after that time has elapsed.


Can I retreat from a battle? Can I stop a fleet from retreating?

Yes, you can retreat from a battle. You can also prevent the Rebels from retreating if you have an Interdictor Star Destroyer or Gravity Well Station. Also, if you have Grand Moff Tarkin in your fleet, your fleet will not be allowed to retreat from battle.



Campaign, Galactic Conquest and Skirmish


Will there be random events and missions in the campaign?

Yes, there are random missions in the campaigns and galactic conquest scenarios. These missions can involve raiding or liberating a planet, conquering a planet, building certain forces and other surprises that you?ll find as you play through the game.


What kind of missions can we do?

It depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it. You can send a raiding party to a planet and sabotage a building, or liberate the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. Maybe you want to use the Death Star to blow up a planet or just blockade it. How you take over the galaxy is up to you.


What role does the Pirate faction play in the game?

Piracy is a constant problem throughout the galaxy. You may encounter pirates on any planet not controlled by you or the opposing faction. Pirates are not an active fighting force and they will not aggressively try to conquer the galaxy on their own, but they are still a threat. Pirates possess frigates, fighters, asteroid bases, ground bases, skiffs and swamp speeders in addition to foot soldiers.


How does the game end?

Both the Rebel and Empire storylines have different endings, but how you get to the end is up to you!


How does hyperspace travel work?

You can move your fleets from any planet you control to another that is within the travel range radius of that planet. You can move to any planet outside the travel range of the planet you control as long as it does not require travel through another system not under your control. You can also travel to any planet from another that is connected by a trade route, even if it is outside the travel radius of that planet.


What do Space Stations do?

In campaign and conquest modes, space stations provide a number of benefits. Building a space station on a planet you control will increase your galactic pop cap. When upgraded, space stations will further increase the pop cap. They also allow you to build space units for your fleets. In combat, they are considered your main base of operations, provide garrison units and are heavily armed.


In space skirmish play, you can buy offensive and defensive upgrades for your space stations as well as build space units. As you upgrade your space station you will gain access to heroes and larger space units. The supply dock of the space station will provide you with a small trickle of credits.


Will everything be available to build at the start of a match?

Not in the campaigns. In Galactic Conquest, what you can build at the start of a game is based on the starting tech level for the scenario you are playing. In Skirmish, you can set the starting tech level and the max tech level. If you want to start the skirmish game with everything, you can!


Will the number of planets be customizable?

The number of planets in the campaigns is locked. In Galactic Conquest, the number of planets is based on the particular scenario you are playing.


Will each planet only have one battlefield to conquer before the planet is yours or will there be multiple battlefields?

Each planet has one space and/or land map depending on the planet. Once you win the land map, the planet is yours.


Where will the Alliance start from?

In the Rebel storyline, the Alliance starts with bases on several planets, including Alderaan and Dantooine. In Galactic Conquest games, the Alliance starts with control of different planets depending on the scenario.


Will there be multiple battles at one time?

In the campaigns and galactic conquest scenarios, you can send different fleets to different planets at the same time to start a battle, but you can only be engaged in one battle at a time. It would be too confusing and hard to control if there will multiple battles raging across the galaxy all at once. However, during combat you can create as many conflicts on the combat map as you can handle.


Will certain units only be available via planetary capture?

Planet control is important due to the different bonuses they provide. Some planets in particular need to be controlled in order to produce certain buildings and units.


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