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Did an old expert from LEC work on this game?


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First we saw the Rancor on Tatooine. ok, it is probably just to show the rancor off early in the game.


It is still there and not on Dathomir.


Now in a recent screenshot we show a mission to kill jawas and a sandcrawler on.....Ryloth!


this scenario is impossible for two reasons. 1) Ryloth's surface is for the most part uninhabitable, the twi'lek live in underground cities. 2) Jawas don't live on Ryloth!!!! (I am still hoping the pic is actually of Tatooine and just mislabled)


If you must add something like this to the game make it up, don't use preestablished canon on places it shouldn't be. (exact opposite of what was done with spaceships).

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True, but at this point anyone with general star wars knowledge would do.


what is next the sith sand people of Korriban? or the Mon Cals of Maanan?


Even when Star Wars Galaxies took already established creatures and put them on other planets they atleast changed their names and apperance somewhat.


I am pretty close to the point of thinking they should have just made 20 completely unique planets, instead of having 40 planets that are just copies of atleast one other planet.

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See what happened is the Jawas took an old Sandcrawler, fitted it with engines and a hyperdrive and set a random course. They dropped out of hyperspace when the coffee machine stopped working becuase it was tied to the Nav computer.


Short story long they crashed and began a colony. Though they didn't know it at the time, they were the subject of many news reports and anthropologist reports saying they had never seen anything like it. The Jawa colony has grown since then and it is rumored that there may be many other Jawa colonies in the galaxy.

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to true JAn Gaarni the problem i ve noticed is that on the Galaxy map Planets are in different places to the ones that are listed on the map that has been released.




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You mean rediscovered :P Mappers are sure hard to find when the galaxie keeps on rediscovering what they already know. Big universe after all. I also found out I found Talus but didn't even know about it lol until Darth Tyranus pointed it out.
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That is a old map that has absolutly nothing to do with EaW, it was made for Galaxies. Not very accurate anyway. Planets are much to close to the Deep Core, and i believe they have a ton of planets far far away from where they are described to be.
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It is a redoing and at the moment, most well done look wise of any mapping of the star wars galaxy. That map was not infact made for SWG, it was originally made for the NJO series:




as you can see the SWG map is almost completely ripped off this one, it even has "empire" area still on it.


basically tho, at this point, this map and its reincarnations are the ones that are held true to most star wars fans. Most the movie planets are placed in the correct location since the movies usually give somewhat of a location. Naboo should be close to Tatooine since in EPI they go to Tat because it is so close. Geonosis should also be close to Tat since it was their closness that allowed Anakin to relay Obi-wans message in EpII. Bespin and Hoth are close because their closeness was one of the reasons the went to bespin trying to escape hoth. The only planet that does not make much sense in this aspect is Mustafar. It is suppose to be in the outer rim, but yet in EPIII the emperor leaves Coruscant and arrives their almost with no time elapsing.


As for the other planets, that map was made for the NJO with the help of their star wars literature databanks. A lot of these planets were created by these authors so I think they would know where to set their planets in the star wars universe :wink:


while I normally wouldn't care where they put planets, if you are having a game bases of trade routes, you should atleast use what is held true to what is already established.


Here are some other maps that have the same basic outline for the planets:



this one shows Mustafar and Utapau:







Also by going by the screenshot everyone is talking about:


Anaxes would have to be the planet most out of wack, it should be right next to Coruscant.

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Guys - Start counting 43 planets on the Map !


We have less than half !!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo / Why Why Why ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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I wouldn't worry too much about the location of planets in the game.


It's not always easy to place them in the right place.


Take the Corellian System for instance.

It consist of 5 planets: Corellia, the twins Talus & Tralus, Selonia, and Drall.

Now on a map like that (and in the game) it's impossible to place them propperly since they are all in the same star system. Unless you do it like they did with Naboo and its moon Rori on the SWG map. So you are going to get inconsitancies like that where they will have to place them as if they were in different star systems.


PS: I'm talking about the Corellian Star System here, not the Corellian Sector. :) Big difference there. ;)


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Planet location is not a huge deal for me, as long as planets are in their general area. As it is right now I would say Coruscant could actually be right under the info bubble. What I really don't care for tho is that they placed all the planets linearly, I think it would look more galactic like if they were placed not in a set pattern.


Anyway, another thing that is kind of hard to understand is that it doesn't look like Tatooine is going to have Krayt dragons. A canon creature native to Tatooine that would fit the role of the rancor perfectly. The bones and call (by obi wan) were seen in the first star wars film, and the creature itself was even in concept art. Krayts also have played a big role in several star wars games such as SWG and KOTOR.


It just doesn't look like they have done their research at all.

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