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ROR-New Challenges


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Well thanks to the newest information made available to us, Reality of Rebellion is looking at a very real challenge: How to create a sense of canonical realism within the limitations of Empire at War?


The new information which is challenging the design of Empire at War: Reality of Rebellion is as follows. All levels have a population cap, 20 slots per fleet, and 10 slots per garrison, and at most there are eight build slots on each world. Each of these has two choices which are open to us depending upon what information is hard coded into the game and what isn’t.


Population Caps: Fleets


Scenario 1: Maximum Fleet size is hard coded into the game:


Fleets of vessels max out at twenty slots per game. The best choice for Reality of Rebellion will be to make it so that all ships take up only one slot. Therefore the maximum number of ships engaged at any one time is 40 vessels. This is far short of the reality of many battles, especially in the Dark Empire Era, but it is the best we can do. Perhaps it will be possible to make it so that construction of lesser ship units (Frigates and Smaller Craft) results in the deployment of multiple craft as a formation instead of a lone ship.


Scenario 2: Maximum Fleet size can be easily modified in the game:


Pretty obvious what we’ll do in this situation, our only rule will be to push the engine to the limit, and thus you’ll be able to deploy large numbers of units for battle. We will attempt to figure out a way to make it so that building up large fleets of dozens, perhaps even hundreds of vessels will be difficult and perhaps dependent on other factors. (I’ve been trying to come up with a way to institute the ITS and ATS (Imperial Transit Service and Alliance Transport System) into game. Perhaps I could make it so that the maximum size of a fleet can be increased by the inclusion of supporting vessels.


Population Caps: Ground Combat


Scenario 1: Maximum Army size is hard coded into the game:


Well, thanks to this I can say that if this happens expect to see much larger formations on the ground. Instead of building squads or at largest platoons of soldiers, I’ll begin making it so that you’ll find yourself building companies. Instead of landing a four AT-ST a Transport drops of twenty. Thus we’ll get our epic combat, but we’ll have to change what transports are used for deployment of equipment. An AT-AT barge might be able to hold a Mechanized Infantry Platoon and its AT-AT transport, but it can’t hold four of the behemoths. Instead, we’d have to give the job to something larger.


Scenario 2: Maximum Army size is easily modified:


Well in this case I’ll go with my original plan: Squad to platoon sized units. But if you build lots of them you can still get that epic feel as well as better connection to the units involved. I’d also like to link garrison size to the buildings constructed at a base somehow, not sure how I’d do it though.


Build Slot Limitations:


Scenario 1: The maximum number of build slots is hard coded into the game, no more then 8:


Ugh, well if this is the case I’ll have to overhaul my corporation tech tree again. Maybe I could cut it back by making it so that a corporate office is a building where the production facilities themselves are merely upgrades to the building.


Scenario 2: The maximum number of build slots can easily be changed:


Well, I’ll increase the number of build slots so that it wouldn’t hinder my mod’s tech tree, but I wouldn’t increase them to the point where you can build up a dozen corporations on one world (Except maybe Coruscant).

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