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Great Piett FanFic!


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Not sure how many of you guys are part of the Cult of Piett ( http://www.piett.org/ ), but I am and have been for quite some time. Well, I read this GREAT fanfic about Piett and coffee a VERY long time ago and suddenly remembered I should introduce you guys to it and the insanity it involves! Here's the story: http://www.piett.org/fiction/humour-piettcoffee.html


Here's a few other great ones:






Look around the site, especially the fiction area! It's great! And don't worry, it's called the cult of Piett, but it's not a real cult.

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No, but when I had loads of time on my hands managing an office I could only gawp open-mouthed at the sheer nerdiness of the entire concept of the site! (No jibe intended!) :lol:
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I could only gawp open-mouthed at the sheer nerdiness of the entire concept of the site!
What are you trying to say? I only joined because I had a Piett FanFic to submit (the guy in charge accepted it, but hasn't posted it yet . . . it's been close to a year).


(No jibe intended!) :lol:
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wow those stories at Piett.org are funny as hell


you don't need to see his identification

yes i do



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Check my Forum india.messageboard.nl/4095


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Piett cult????

I knew of a Wedge cult, but Piett???

I don't think it's a serious thing, considering that our "leader" never does anything to help the site or the association, a much better word than cult in this case.


Is there a Cult of Thrawn? If not, there should be!

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