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Star Wars New Beginnings: Brotherhood

Nash Adiras

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Just a quick note, I wrote this based on non-media characters. No Vaders, no Lukes, just people I used to roleplay with.

It looks pretty weird when I just copy and paste it into a forum, so if anyone wants the original .doc, let me know, it looks prettier.





I’m going to forget to include someone here, but here goes.

This book is dedicated to those who I simmed with in NSU. Sometimes it was good; most times it was bad, but thank you for giving me the opportunity to pretend I was in the Star Wars universe with you. I think that was the nerdiest thing I’ve ever said.


This also goes out to the real life Leonidas Fox, and to that woman you asked if shaupauts were at the top of Stratosphere in Las Vegas. She had no idea she was in the presence of Leonidas Fox and Nash Adiras.


And to Merv.



Thank God for Merv.





(B.E – Before the Empire, P.E. – after the Empire was created)


40 Years B.E. – The Great War


The Empire is formed


2 Years P.E. - Brotherhood



If there's no one beside you

When your soul embarks

Then I'll follow you into the dark







Nash Adiras – Human male from Corellia

Zerriak – Wookiee male from Kashyyyk

Qweeebo – Nash’s LE Series Repair Droid

Han Thanix – Chief Executive Officer of Cloud City

Dania Archer – Female from Tanaab, assistant to Han Thanix

Dilex Xorex – Leader of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild



Galactic Empire

Emperor Soldrius – Emperor of the Galactic Empire

Darth Stroyer – Emperor’s right hand, Empire’s enforcer

Erian Fox – Captain of the SSD Abolisher


Corellian Military



Thendioux Mahnshi – CO of the Corellian Security Force

Leonidas Fox – Human male from Corellia, CO of Corellian customs

Kyp Tallon – Human male from Corellia, XO of Corellian Customs

Darius Janat – Human male from Corellia, XO of the Corellian Security Force

Moshe Anab – Human male from Corellia, officer of Corellian Security Force


Alderaan Forces


Claudius Rodney – Leader of Alderaan







The galaxy is becoming an unsettling place. Hundreds of senators find that they are having little say in what happens in the galaxy. The GALACTIC EMPIRE seems to be tightening its grip over the galaxy.


ALDERAAN finds itself under heavy suppression by the EMPIRE for standing by its values. Star systems sympathetic to Alderaan also have begun to see the corruption of the Empire. Rumors are coming in through the HoloNet of a secret organization being created to oppose the mighty Empire.


Few people in the galaxy are unmoved by these turn of events. CORELLIA, however, has somehow stayed neutral in all of this. And so beings the story…





“Yeah, yeah, I know,â€

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He ended up blasting the bounty hunter out of the sky and making a quick repair on his engines. He thought though that he was done for, and that he was going to be brought to whoever started the bounty and executed.

And today he had that same feeling.

“So what has been new with you?â€

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