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Empire At War Trailer 2 - Feedback - 006

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This topic is dedicated to the new EAW trailer - photos or video. Pls remember that this is a feedback topic and not a classic one were you can debate.


The trailer materials can be found also in the PFF screenshots/gd forum :


" See before posting - Disclamer: I should mention that the developers are not obliged to read this topic or follow our feedback to the letter and i can`t guarantee that it will be found at a later date in EAW or that it will affect or help EAW in any way. Also the developers can`t officialy solocit feedback so this is made at our fan initiative. Developers may already have all our feedback sugestions in the game and we can not garantee, that what we say here will not exist already in the game at the date we post them. You must feedback here only if you consider your feedback to be impersonal and with no conection made to your real person. Also no new ideeas unrelated to LEC or Petroglyph are accepted here just feedback on know issues from the videos and official materials already released. This topic should be deleted by the moderators as soon as they consider it done and unproductive from a moment in time."



Be smart, elaborate your feedback post and be as descriptive as you can. Thank you.




Non Feedback link :



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Firstly I would like to say a great thanks to LucasArts and Petroglyph for the new Trailer. I sensed a dimming in the Community prior to the release.


The Trailer itself has brought us an interactive look at the Galactic Map, with Mon Mothma being present as reporting from a mission on Dantooine. It also shows that we can move fighters from one System to another without a Transport ship.


We see Boba Fett leading a group of Storm Troopers. This has raised a few questions in my mind because he is a Bounty Hunter in the Canon and EU leading Mandalorian troops in the New Jedi Order. Nowhere in the canon does he ever lead Imperial Troops.


There is open debate over whether there is a new Imperial walker seen in the trailer. Is it the Imperial MTAT(spider-walker) or the WED Treadmill Droid. Only Time will tell :P

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Great new video I was shocked at how great this trailer was :shock: Well thanks for taking the time to make us fans interested and happier 8)


Well that spider thing in one of the picture we're discussing about is interested and hope theres tons of secrets to find. Well I like the cinematics this game has and hope it runs on an average computer with video cards like "Geforce FX 5200" if possible. Well keep up the great work and I loved the AT-AT army videos :lol:


Boba leading an army ? Thats a first. Sarlac Pit, Sweet more ownage :lol:

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A very nice trailer.


:arrow: It shows larger scale battles than I believe have been shown in footage yet (Coruscant battle in particular) in space and on the ground.

:arrow: Also reaffirmed are the Battlefront-like command posts where I'm guessing troops are dropped.

:arrow: The Sarlaac was awesome!

:arrow: Saw the galactic planetary view, which appears to be 3d. Very neat.

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Ok, my opinions of the second trailer.




:arrow: A very nice display of the environments. I mention the way it was displayed to us, but I did like the scenes/effects chosen for the trailer.


:arrow: Vader sounds. He's slightly off during that first section of speech, but somewhere through that first line he gets it. From that point on he seems pretty flawess in my opinion.


:arrow: Sounds in general. That includes music. They're done very well, and fit the piece nicely.




:arrow: I felt the parts where it spelt out what was happening for an audience (for example the displayed words 'the environments' or 'the creatures') It's similar to the criticism I suggested about the first one, where I found it to be pointing out the obvious. We aren't fools, we can work out what is what, and I feel to split them into sections like that was a little unnecessary...


:arrow: I do hope that we don't hear Han's voice in there. If that one we heard when we saw him was him speaking I'm sure that's off. Nobody in the trailer sounded like Harrison Ford. :?


I'll add more as I get more time.

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The trailer showed some good atmosphere on the ground-levels, especially the rainy plains. Nice touch.


My only beef is that most units in it were either seen in the previous trailer or have been spotted in screenshots, so there really wasn't anything groundbreakingly new on that front. There is only so many times I can watch the most famous vehicles (AT-ATs, X-wings, ISDs) go back and forth before tiring. Though the amassed walker-force seen from multiple angles was impressive, and it'll be fun to assemble them in the game.


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I found the trailor to be very nice in terms of presentation, but it could have done without what Darkmark said.


Also is showed some new things which i like but it could have shown more combat in space and not just quick cuts of single events like it did. But I suppose its done that way so we don't know too much.

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The trailer was excellent, it greatly increased the enthusasim for the game, myself included! Other then what everyone else has mentioned, i found that when looking at the ground battles, infantry units looked like they were totally confused, running around from side to side and were so close when they were firing at eachother, they may as well have been in melee combat.

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The trailer was a great morale booster! One of the best I have seen in a while. On the next trailer or preview, show more of the different features and units that we haven't seen, but don't give it all away. Show the on ground ion cannon, or more with someone fighting as the Rebels on the ground--almost all the player controlled stuff is with the Imperials, show some reasource aquiring, but at normal speed. It also raised the question if you gain reasources during the battles or not.

Overall: Very Good Job! Many people's faith in the game has been restored!

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Ok I finally managed to download it on my dail up connection :) so here is what I have to say / I will try hard to be critical :



This new trailer is by much better than the old one. Still it seems to have too long black pauses between the words and images / especially at the end.


Also this trailer has not all the EAW units and materials so I assume that in the future we will have another trailer with all of them in a cool galactic battle.


The trailer reminds me of my (our) forum gif :) cool ! I wish we could add more stuff in it but it will mean a too large gif.


What about a trailer with the scenario written by the fans and developed by LEC ?! How cool such a PR thing will be / I think it will be a first in the game industry. Maybe someone from petro could ask LEC if they agree with such a community trailer / this will give us something to fill our time with.


I also see that the sound has been improved. I mean what the troops scream and say.


I've seen some stormtroopers behind Vader with huge shoulders / I think the one who makes the 3D models likes the huge body type (Arnold S).


Also the movement animations could get some more realism in them. They all seem to run at the same level with their heads like they will have something slicked near their backs.


Also some of the killed troops should not die instantly / I think they should still move a little or not die completely and open fire when the enemy will be near. Something like wounded soldiers / vehicles can be damaged / why not soldiers.


This should be all / the game seems super.

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yeah the Trailer look cool. thanks for the Galactic map pics (and Ismeal needs to look at the Grammer and spelling of your post) but however it could give more information about the game

i also thank you for the addition of a unit in deep space,




I Support the Resistance!

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:arrow: The trailer is very nice.


:arrow: Still the galaxy is too small - it pains me to still see it likle this. RTW had tones of cities that you never needed to conquer to have victory - comme one - 20 more planets will do just fine. It is looking like a solar system and not a galaxy. We should have more planets and smaller sizes for their 3D avatars on the galactic map.


:arrow: For one who is familiar with galactic games - the eaw galactic map it is looking very strange (like a apple tree) and very small and crowded.


:arrow: The rest is ok with me - good job guys.

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Guest JediIgor

I liked the trailer in general. It has a nice Star Wars feel, and the music gives it that nostalgic attitude.


Two questions though:

1) What's up with the announcer reminding us about "Star Wars" galaxy or "Star Wars" history? I want to be immersed, I want to feel like I'm in the galaxy, don't remind me that it's not real!!


2) What's up with the UI being blacked out in the galaxy screen?

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Very nice trailer guys!! I have one main beef however...


:arrow: You need the actors from the movies for the heros...youve gotten James Earl, now you need the others, especially Ford and whoever plays Pallpy. It'll help alot with the imersion factor.


Again, very nice...it'll give us somthing to mull over

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There is open debate over whether there is a new Imperial walker seen in the trailer. Is it the Imperial MTAT(spider-walker) or the WED Treadmill Droid. Only Time will tell


I just looked closely at the trailer twice and the only 'spider-walker' I could see was the AT-AA. I'm not sure if this is what you guys were talking about because I know the AT-AA is atleast in Force Commander so isn't new.


One thing I don't like about the second trailer is that it uses some scenes from the first one... And I also agree that splitting up the different aspects towards the end was a little annoying.


What I did like... Well, I felt that the second trailer was more exciting than the first. It also showed some interesting things that I liked to see.

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