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The demo topic


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multiplayer only is very unlikely, so I'm thinking we're very likely get a select part of the SP campaign.


Whether we get multiplayer with that is anyone's guess.

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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I got one, i've been playing it for 4 hours and is Vader ever sweet with his hack and slash movement. He killed 5 Rebel tanks for me then he went up and sent Mara Jade down :P I took over Naboo and Tatooine its great. I found the Remains of Jar Jar in Naboo at the Gungan Temple and other Gungans worshipping. I then went into space and took control of 3 Star Destroyers and owned the Rebel and lost 4 squadron of Ties, DAMN This is a great demo ;):twisted:


Just pulling your leg lol. This place needs a laugh or 2 so :) ANyways that would be cool.

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Oh Yeah. Idon'tactually have one. It wasnotpirated from GC2005.


MUHAHAHAHAHa. the SSD isnotin the game, its the same for Interceptors, B-wings and loads of other cool units. You really need to get this demo :P

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Let's discuss the demo here. We're roughly two months away from its' release (or even less).


What do we know for certain about it?


It's about Empire at War. :D

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What?? I amnottelling the truth. Little.B Pirated a copy. All the Moderators were given them :P


wait...ghostly was joking but we all got a copy???!!! oh no!!! i odnt have one!!! aahhh!!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry:


o a joke......


fosh, im going to kill your face off!!!!!!!!! :twisted::twisted::twisted:


when the demo comes out :D


i would like to see around 5-10 planets, a mission or 2, some good tech, and jar jar....


why jar jar??


because killing him as emkpire OR rebels is priceless


mesa wanna be frie---ahhh!!!!


jar jar meets the ATAT

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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I did say Jokes Halloween fools. Jeez what a tough crowd :P


BTW Vader, Calm down mate you are getting really uptight.


im sorry, but i added the smilie for a reason :lol:


i dont want any harm....but i was tired and on a sugar high....exnay on the sugar ay and tireday




(my pig latin is horrible :cry: )

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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