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Well i'm posting this because I thought that more people would be interested in events created by this forums. So let me start off :)


Well with the first event done and successfully hosted I came back here just to ask if anybody else wanted to join the PFF Clan. I'm planning to host a Rise of Nations event on Saturday, October 29, 2005 if anybody is interested. All we do is just to create games for everybody to get less stress out about and so we can have a easier wait for EAW and Rise of Legends (For me). Once EAW comes out we'll be hosting events against people and possibly other EAW clans. As I said this right now is just to host games for other people to join up with and to easy the wait for EAW.


Ok if you want to join just let me know and i'll add you to the Clan section.


(Other mods/admins please keep this announcement up to November 12)

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I would be very interested in joining if I was a PC-player, but I'm not. I mostly play console games. The problem is I buy only one PC-game every few years, so it wouldn't be smart to join clan like this. (Up until today I only own three PC-games, RA2, KotOR 1 and KotOR 2)
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Just needed to correct myself from above since new people are looking for "Clans"


This PFF Group or "Clan" is up for hosting events until EAW comes out then we will be hosting game and making more EAW related Events. We're just a group that hosts games that other people can play. I got Garbageben and Wiking to play Civ 4 online ;)


Later we might host Company of Heroes and Rise of Legends which could be game events. Thought I would clear this up.

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